How to Get Traffic to Your Website Using Alternative Methods

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certainly aren't the only ways to get visitors to your site. In this lesson we show you How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Alternative Methods.
Successful affiliates usually make a point of diversifying their traffic sources - relying too heavily on any one source of traffic leaves your business vulnerable to the whims of the search engines, or to dramatic shifts in PPC costs. If you've got all your eggs in one basket when it comes to getting traffic to your site, you could find yourself in trouble when the situation turns sour. Additionally, by just restricting yourself to SEO or PPC methods you could be missing out on a large amount of potential traffic. With that in mind , here are some ways to mix things up a bit:

Links from other sites

Getting links to your site is a hugely important part of being a successful affiliate. Not only do they deliver a little bit of traffic to your site independently of the search engines, they also help your search engine rankings
Even though linking is a huge part of search engine optimization, try not to think about links purely in terms of the SEO benefit they deliver. You may be able to get links from sites that rank low on PageRank, or use nofollow tags to block the flow of PageRank, but which deliver a lot of high-quality traffic to your site. Always remember that the point of SEO is to get visitors to your site, and that any link that delivers traffic to your site is achieving that goal, regardless of whether it helps you move up the search engines.

Posting on forums and blogs

Forums and blogs can be excellent places to promote your website, provided the promotion remains subtle and is part of other useful content that you've added to the conversation; if you simply bombard a random forum with your URLs you'll be banned. Similarly, if you post pointless comments as badly disguised self-promotion your posts will likely be deleted.
The best method is to find a few high traffic blogs and forums in your market and spend some time there reading and familiarizing yourself with the discussions. Start replying to posts with useful remarks so that you gradually build a reputation as a genuine and helpful contributor. Once you have established yourself as a valuable member, like the member in this example from our own forums, people will be much more interested in seeing what else you have to say on your website, or in checking out the products you recommend in your signature.
As already mentioned, don't dismiss forums and blogs simply because a link from them won't help your SEO - remember that it's traffic you're after, and if traffic comes from these blogs or forums then that's a successful promotion.
(Read a bit more about how you can utilize forums on our lesson about ‘affiliate-marketing-and-how-does-it-work’)

Submitting articles to article directories

Article directories are places where people can submit their articles. The articles are then free for anyone to download and reproduce, provided that the author information and any links the author has inserted into the article remain intact.
Directories benefit both parties: the author gets his or her article distributed around the internet for free, earning backlinks and traffic in the process while the person using the article gets free content for their website, eBook or newsletter.
Good directories to try include:
If you want to speed up the process and get your article submitted to a lot of different directories in record time, then check out services such as:
  • Submitedge.com — SubmitEdge will write a unique article for you and submit it to 100+ article sites.
  • AMAutomation.com — An AMAutomation membership let’s you submit unlimited articles to numerous article and blog sites; AMAutomation also has a mechanism for making sure your articles are unique.
  • UAWiz.com — This service is similar to AMAutomation, except it uses different article and blog sites.

Lesson Summary:

In this lesson you've learned:
Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aren't the only ways to get traffic to your website; in fact, by simply using just those methods you could be missing out on a large amount of traffic and potential customers.
Alternative methods for getting traffic to your site:
  • Links from other sites
Try not to think of links being purely about SEO, getting links from other websites can get more traffic as people follow those links. Traffic is traffic, regardless of the impact on your search engine ranking.
  • Posting on blogs and forums
Post subtle promotions in your forum and blog posts, and become an active and respected member of popular forums/blogs. Once you are a valuable member of a forum or blog, people will be more likely to follow the links you post.
  • Submitting articles to article directories

Submitting articles to article directories is a great way to get traffic and backlinks at the same time.



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