10 basic things to avoid when you make money from Google Adsense ads


Google's online advertising network in the world's most prestigious. With his position as a large, Google always require the Publisher (ad distributor) must comply thoroughly the specific provisions of Google, if not comply with the policy stated on your account will be disabled and unable to earn more money with Google Adsense. Because simply "You need to Google, but Google does not need you".

1. Never click on your own banners for any reason This is the main reason Google Adsense account was banned. So do not ever lick on his ads, even once. Google will remember all the login information of that time from the IP, browser, OS ... to determine who log into the account click on the banner or not. Nor should you think about the use of automated programs to click on your banner, remember that Google is smart enough to know they get it!

2. Never change the Adsense code In the Google Adsense account you, Google allows you to change the color, contour, color, style, size banner. You are only allowed to change it in your account, any impact to the Google ad code are a violation of the rules. Therefore you should not change it but the same as in the beginning.
3. Do not put more than 3 banner ad and a banner link or two of Google search box on your site. In fact, if you put 10 banner ads on your site, then from the 4th onwards will no longer appear banner.
4. Do not use a program at two ads like Google. Google does not allow us to put them on the same line of code of a site that 'enemy' of their competition there. Rival here I want to say to an advertising program based on other content such as Yahoo Publisher Network. However, you can use a PHP code to alternately display two types of banner, as long as it did not appear together on one site.
5. Do not tell anyone sensitive information such as CTR, CPM. This is a regulation of Google may be considered to prevent rushing to create the same page. For example someone with websites for iPod, with a high CTR or CPM is also high ... everyone move 'profession' to the iPod, the bastard. Therefore, you should not let anyone know information like that, especially written on a forum or published on your website. However, you are right 'small talk' to people about the total amount you earn in a month.
6. If you intend to name the banner, you are only allowed to have two choices as 'Sponsored Links' and 'Advertisements'. Any word on what the other two letters were considered as violating the regulations. I also met many people write the word 'Hot Links', 'other articles' on their banners. You would not do that if you do not want your account to be closed.
7. Do not set the default link is opened in a separate window. If you think you want to link Google is open in other windows is a good idea. However, Google they do not think so, and they love their link is opened right in right in the page.
8. Do not create multiple accounts for different sites A Google Adsense to your account can be used for many different pages. Therefore you do not need to create multiple accounts for multiple sites, because if they know your account will be closed. Therefore need to use much rust as they allow themselves to use one account for multiple websites.
9. To place banner on the Google content sites Advertisers only pay for their banner placed on pages with content. So if you put the banner on the page thanks, redirect ... sort of the page with no content. This also violated the rules of Google.
10. Avoid abusive keywords on a page You should write an article about the content, and the few that there are some keywords that you want Google placed under its banner. But you do not make a page with content not nothing but keywords, such as breaking the law and if detected, your account may be closed.
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