Cause you make less money from YouTube

In the first period as Youtube Partner  - make money on youtube  , this is the general condition of all people.So money earned too little and probably figures that have $ 0 .For you very discouraged and give up and have you still try to play .Every plow hoes things are the cause of it, so this problem should not worry, your video quality is coupled with their money , also go through the criteria Youtube pays you so that new found source.

Youtube video viewing time is too low

First, the most important gases on Youtube monetize it turns view, this is not decided 100% of video on your money, and do not be trying to use these tools in turn increases or view virtual view this, because in essence there is 1 cent from the view like . View is that Youtube will pay you why? When someone views your video that you have turned on the inner monetize video and upper right will appear an advertisement.
When people see your video as the default ad will show up in the first period and you can customize this one I would say in the income guidelines for advertising on video youtube.Viec you are naturally Youtube Pay ban.Vi if you turn video view time high but considered too low, nor is one penny from Youtube you '.
P / S: This is the bottom line when you do one thing important Youtube.Hay that although not much view but minutes watching high right

Video too short

This is the second most important and is the reason why you did not earn one penny from day.Nhieu your Youtube video message asking why I did not have money in the video you have 15 s heart, 15s, the ad was Where does show up on their cost tien.O told you time viewing video very important so long as much video as video posting too short tien.Tranh instead synthesize it into one short video real video Long offline.
Number of 1 minute encourages video is 5 minutes or pears, as well long set, so less than 5 minutes you could only afford to eat instant noodles only monthly: D.Vi example identifiable relatively ok

Video content is not optimal

What you say here is what the genre known as content as you do this, the content Youtube ay.Hien technology, beauty, game ... is the theme well Why I say so, you just noticed that video is going to know.
When a user views your video ad will appear at that time, the algorithm of Youtube will find keywords in your video for optimal viewing and to display ads to match the content of the video do.If that video you posted is ill suited headlines such as: " I cried when watching this clip ".O .bla.bla.Chi as an idea of how the title is it finding puzzle that Youtube day.Vi advertised fit that will make a promotional youtube unrelated to clip instance and in some cases, it does not show ads Advertising is synonymous with no money from view and the views are ... :( click
So you can see plays high, but for sure the view has no money, so choose a content that you feel is fertile and very reasonable captioned offline.

Hit the virtual view - not  Author

You use these tools it is difficult to increase downloads view monetize YouTube, most of this view by the tool, the algorithm makes it effective only increase your view .But view like this should be used to Network qualification in what it looks okay sparingly use it to make money, dangerous risk is very much.Di enclosed channel then you should not click on the ads then, this very threat Insurance and risk for your Youtube channel.
The users watch video and click subscribe the Youtube video you still pay you for calling the people interested  Youtube . virtual view will not do this thing you '.
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