Guidance Software Order on MT4 ( Metatrader4 )

PART I: ORDER BUY / SELL IN Platform MT4 (MetaTrader 4)
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On the MT4 interface, Press F9 to put out a statement following table: Volume:  Trading volume Trading volume was the lowest:  0.01 lots  [Each pip corresponding  $ 0.01  ] Matching instantly at the exchange rate at present.
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Stoploss:   As the rate at which the system will automatically exit when the price hits that level command.
Stoploss is a tool to protect the accounts before the heavy losses when the market goes in the opposite direction compared with the statement.
Take Profit:  Stoploss Similarly, when prices hit the Take Profit point, the trades will automatically end.
Word, losses will be recorded immediately on the account balance.
On the illustration above, for example I decided Sell.
Stoploss placed on point 30 pips Sell and Take Profit 50 pips.
I selected volume (Volume) is 1 lot
If Take Profit + I will get 50 pips = $ 500
+ If the hole (Price Stoploss point touch) I would sacrifice $ 300.
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BUY SELL place purchase orders
Example: Buy 100 lots GOLD, when the market goes well and you want to profit 1/2 volume = sell 50 lots is carried out as follows:
Click-click the command is executed, in the column "Volume" to liquidate selected volume, then click the button "Close # ...."
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