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Paid To Click  is a form of  making money online  by clicking  advertisement You just click and pop out ads within plus size 30s will be money instantly to your account.

The first condition:

  1. Be a patient
  2. Interested in making money online
  3. Stance must stand up to those words speak tilt down

To find out how well your site PTC regardless of the details:

  • How much does it pay for 1 ads: 1 ads it usually only pay  $ 0:01 to 0:02  is high.
  • 1 typical PTC site 1 day 4 ads-6 is much ads.
  • Downlines (people you introduce =  Referrals ) earn  50%  value referrals click.
  • Minimum payout (lowest amount drawn) is  $ 1-2 .
  • Settlement date: pay immediately, 24h, 5-7 day.

PTC - Paid To Click - Pictures Make Money Online The easiest


   + Neobux  - PTC Site prestige today - 4Ads / day - $ 0.01 / click. So one day you earn $ 0.04 from  Neobux .

 Guide to making money online with detailed neobux AZ   + Onbux - Site emerging PTC and quite prestigious - 14Ads / day- $ 0.01 / Click. a day you earn $ 0.14 from On.

   Wait! Reading this you will surely think that this dirt, $ 0.04 / day stars live? Please answer correctly is to look at the right is PTC gives us not very much money - but it is just as PTC towards simplicity and simplicity are of course some money: D.

   Actually, there is no form of MMO which results in less money at all, what is important is that we know how to make money from it to know booklets
and not make money from invited to
   What to know when joining PTC

   Well we all know the advantages of PTC is simple, easy to do, without pains .But drawbacks is the status of PTC scam happen a lot so we need to be wise "safe hands click ": D.

   When choosing to join a PTC site, be aware of the following elements:

   Site 1 the PTC offers two membership groups:
  • Standard Membership  - A membership registration form and click a free phi.So this group relies very crowded  .Group often earn low.
  • Premium Membership -  A membership form was used to raise money to fund the PTC site . also split  Copper / Bronze / Silver / Golden Membership  in order to allow players to invest more money to improve cap.VD: Neobux up Ultimate lost $ 800 =)). Body members should be paid by incentives such as amount per click than 1.5-2 times more Ads / day more, very much money.Day prioritized key factor to make rich in PTC.But attention should carefully consider before Up to Premium, the prestige and ultra Site must be appreciated, the new Up to the hole immediately beneficial not.
   2. Minimum Payout:  The minimum amount is reached when you can pay
money.Request this site, depending on the site.

   3. Amount of time for  payment  processing :  is the time that you must wait to author Site Your money

   4.Direct  Refferal :  Are these people to register under your link their do.Moi click you also get similar amount or 50% of
them. recruit more so you have the better ref. PTC sites are often limited number of direct  referrals  as Onbux maximum 80 people Standard Member,  Neobux  catch clicks and 30 days, 100 participants have direct ref is new, and only up to 30 people!

   5.Rented Referral : This Referral forms are a team of Site but you give up some $ do.
When you to hire them, they will click below downline of you. Rented Referral one drawback is depending on the site and you will encounter lucky givers click or tongue click.If they do not click, you will lose. Rent  Referral should be used only when you have an account Up to  Premium , then they are the one who brought money to give you.

Make Money with Paid To Click
  • First you must have an account  PayPal Verify  /  Alert Pay . Verify Paypal and encouraged to spend paypal home!
  • PTC reference site daily update at PTC-investgations.
  • PTC 2 and earns a lot of money: If anyone refused to invest should play reputable sites, rest assured that if you remove the capital very fast.But no investment $$, no problem, play a little longer, the site play multiple sites, the money earned is not less Where
  • Another piece of advice is Paid To Click to play according to a person standing out group Owner is responsible for finding new sites , preferably to those in the group of the person registered referral do.So money received will host group 50-80 % return for the members. as they only have 20 % .Do eat this word play in groups is beneficial and that the earnings increase 50-80 %
  • Once you have a decent number from $ paid to click you can re-invest, transfer money from an account at Site and Up member or rent ref to higher profits.
  • The first month is always at least, so you do not have much experience, not clear how many sites one click fast .But you assured, any mettle will certainly richer from PTC.
Above are some of the knowledge and experience that I know about PTC - a simple form of money and the easiest nay.Ban read and want to join PTC? Leave a reply offline!
Source: pumama's  Blog


     1 / Referral (abbreviated as Ref):  the number of subordinates (downline) is you introduce, you will receive some money from the click of the person.

     2 / Rent Ref:  ref you are renting for profit, regular price 0.25 USD / month for a  rent ref.  Rent  ref true man should also have time to click at zero, at many times less. But now there are rumors that the PTC site bot mix (virtual ref, ref author, ref automatic) click less to reduce income investors.

     3 / Autopay:  is automatically renewed for the ref to pay. If today ref click the Autopay will pay a small amount to maintain this ref another day, if the ref does not click, it will not pay. Autopay turned on or not having many headaches as well as investors. This method saves 10% of the self-renewal.

     4 / Rental Balance:  the account you use to maintain the ref hiring, pay for autopay ... Rental Balance can be loaded from the main account (Main Balance ) earn from clicks, or loaded from PayPal, Alertpay,  Liberty Reserve ...

    5 / Avg (Average):  ie the average number of clicks per day. Often used to refer to the click of rent ref. In Standard accounts require 1.6 Avg clicks / day with words, still accounts  Golden  just 0.8 only.

    6 / Recycle:  the actions you need to do to change the ref ref long lease not click or Avg too low.

    7 / Upgrade:  the upgrade your account to be able to profit more. Price to account  Golden  about 80 USD / year, account Ultimate reached 850 USD / year.

    8 /  Server Time, Local Time, Reset Time :  the PTC has 3 types of time, the Server Time (hours of server, the agency Most important to note), Local Time (your local time, not interested) and Reset Time (GMT reset advertising, after this time you'll have to click 4 ads). Most important is to click the ad you must click under Server Time, when clicked enough ads, the next day you can get money from the  referral  is, you see  the article to find out more detail here .

   9 / Rental Waiting Days:  the mandatory waiting period between rent ref 2 times, usually with Standard account you must wait 7 days, the account, the Ultimate Golden and wait less.

   10 / Referral Package:  is the package that you can rent ref can afford one. There are usually 3 package ref, ref 5, 20 ref, ref 50, and the maximum is 100 ref account and Golden Standard account can be up to 200 Ultimate rent per ref.

   11 / BuxHost - Bux Site:  is common name for the page and use PTC 1 is NextGen PTC Script code, have the same type of interface (shown below). These sites usually have a high click rates and attractive promotion participants. But the scam was very high rate, and the pages do not live long, you need to participate in "quick hit shortened".

PTC - Paid To Click - Facts [Update]

   11 / Minimum Payout:  this is the minimum amount you need to achieve to be able to withdraw money. Some new pages no minimum payout, some pages 0.01, 0.1 USD. With reputable sites are usually 2 new $ cashed, and the amount will increase to a 3, 4, 5 ... 10 dollars for each drawing 2, 3, 4 ... later. Upon reaching 10 USD will not rise again,  after the 9th withdrawals, the next time that you have to achieve at least 10 new $ withdraw.

   12 / Auto Renew:  New features in Neobux, this feature -renew your ref if ref lease expires.
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