Guide to making money on YouTube

In the journey to make money online , but now YouTube is a place where bloggers / webmasters dig out money even when you are sleeping. There have been thousands of people earn a hundred thousand million dollars from their video. After this article, I believe you will be able to create accounts on their own and start making money with youtube

Kết quả hình ảnh cho kiem tien voi youtube

Make money with Youtube
What is YouTube?

YouTube by three former PayPal employees created in mid-February 2005 Google is currently being held. Can confirm one thing that YouTube is the largest video sharing site today, with thousands of hits per day, the advertising services accompanying development (Google Adsense).
The forms of making money on YouTube?

We will become a YouTube Partner and start to extort money from Google, our job is to create and attract Channel traffic as much as possible. After some time become Youtube Partner and earn money with your YouTube showed some experience to fight Youtube. When you become a partner of YouTube, they will place ads on your video (in the video and the right of it) . When visitors to video, they click on the ad and you are sharing% profit ratio advertisement.

Also, if you do not want to make money on Youtube as a YouTube Partner , you can make money with YouTube by:
Watch the video to make money, how often earn less money but less time.
See video combined with form Like Facebook, Google + ..Voi this way you can earn double the amount in the way on.
Open service by Youtube Views
Sell ​​your product on YouTube (link to the page you put a purchase in the description. Once customers see your video and want to purchase them clicking the link to the homepage.)
Play Product Launch or AFFILIATE (requires you to know English or clip, if not you can hire the services on Fiverr)
Make money with CPA, PPD, Survey.
Become Partner Youtube like I mentioned above.

In this article, I mentioned forms become Youtube Partner to make money is the main, the other forms I will write in future articles so that you know. To make money with this method you need to create a Google account (which, I do not need to write a tutorial again offline). By law, the YouTube Partner not accept Vietnam as partners, but there is a trick to become a YouTube Partner is a national exchange to the United States .

Guide to making money with YouTube

Conditions to enable monetization is below the 3 status are displayed at Xanh.De check this status, the account you sign into YouTube >> Channel Settings class = "separator" style = " clear: both; text-align: center; ">

Youtube account status to enable monetization

If the account you have three blue dots, you can proceed with registration, the registration you should choose the account that the more older the better, over 6 months, it's quite amazing. If no new old account is not. You should be uploaded to 1, 2 videos and made ​​a few views to increase the success rate higher register.

Agree to the terms of YouTube . Then proceed Verify by phone number. You note that a Google phone number that allows only 2-3 verify accounts only.
Register Google Adsense for Youtube

To sign up for Google Adsense account, you enter Channel Settings >> Money and enable monetization. You will be redirected to a page to sign up Accounts Google Adsense . Your job is to fill in the correct information, most specifically not to be put out of parking.

Also you can subscribe to the Network to receive cash, less risky way than using Adsense
Guide to start making money with YouTube

After completing the above steps, the last that you simply upload your video to YouTube channel:

You can only make money on the video that you own the copyright, that is the video made by you and do not violate copyright issues sound or image.
The way to do video:
Camcorder or digital camera.
Quay computer screen using Camtasia Studio software
Making PowerPoint Slide and back screen
Using ProShow Producer to create Video

Usually the most watched videos are video entertainment or training videos dan.Sau when you dub video in and perform additional operations other editors to have a complete video and uploaded to YouTube channel of you.

Steps after uploading video:
Implement captioned SEO standards: contains keywords to SEO
The description for the video: Write one paragraph description of video clips that contain the keyword
Put these tags: contains keywords you need SEO .
Building backlinks for Google Video to reach # 1
The important note to make money with YouTube

- YouTube is Google so that you have turned on you not Cheat monetize it. You must not increase the view, rising like or comment automatically, or they will be banned.

- Do not violate the principles of copyright: copyright not take other people's video and upload to your channel. Do not use other people's music to dub the video. When videos violate press or content of third-party partners, you should remove immediately. You can use the tracks that offer free Youtube.

- Do not get up the video with adult content, racism, propaganda toxic products (alcohol, drugs, ...)
Re-Up Guide Youtube Video
Video Reup be?

You watch a video on Youtube.com that, then your computer to download and then up again to your chanel and enable monetization for video mode.

Video Reup not earn much money?

The fact is, there are a lot of money, have to rely on the views of individual accounts statistics.

If you want to know the potential of this method how you search on Youtube phrase "feel nostalgic spirit" have a lot of video and views reup average of a few hundred thousand, are more attracted to a few video million xem.Vi so if you pick the right side to reup video then you probably will earn a fortune.
Video Reup violated copyright, content, or blocked?

Of course it will have some video violation before but you do not choose the video commercial, no music, image infringe commercial license. This issue I will say more on this subject.
How to implement this approach?

Ideally you should have a high speed Internet connection to download and upload less time. There is some HD video and video long time would be very time-consuming for large video size. (You can place a cafe with fiber optic network or high-speed Internet shop to do this or can you equip yourself a high-speed connection.)
And besides methods methods not Reup video?

Of course it does, you can record a video about a certain topic as narrator (like the Vlogger), cover a song, play an instrument, as a guide, trace a work process, but your videos appealing to the high new views and can make money from the videos uploaded.

Reup Video is the simplest method, but you may find attractive videos without self-return, or create its own video.
I find this method not so much because I was copying other people's content.

I only recommend this method for you to practice, while the reup video then you can weigh up the upload videos. There are many compelling video that employer only upload video to share on the community. They did not know, intending to monetize that video. But times Make Money on the Internet is now a piece of cake, if you do not win for his part, the others will take it alone.

After reading the Guide to making money on YouTube , you want her to become Youtube Partner yet? Do you want to earn $ thousands per month from youtube even while you're sleeping, are dark, are going to play or not? Surely everyone wants and to do this you need to have a determination and perseverance, dare to sacrifice time trade-offs.

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