Making REF and its benefits

Any money online programs too, outside of profits generated from myself also profit from the members from REF. What is so REF? Benefits of the job REF sa o? ... In today's article, I will work with you to clarify these issues.

First I would like to explain from REF mean? REF stands for referral, that is introduced. # Example: In one program, the A introduces B as it is called REF B of A. I think that the more you ask yourself: " I Who does not want to introduce all, I want to do with it? ". I'm telling you, there are programs, but also programs not. But you did have such questions are newbie out! Its 100% sure is. I understand your mentality is: " do not want to share their profits made ​​for one one, his effort is how much money do the people were divided on his first real love anyway? ". -> 1 PERCEPTION THAT IS EXTREMELY TORT, SAI SERIOUS . You thought that just do not make MMOs so what? What reason, then I will take the example for you to understand:  

There is one program MMO, when engaged, the members have to pay out investors, members are entitled to 10% of the total amount of investment from the REF level 1 and 5% of the total amount of investment from the REF level 2  
# 1. If you do not belong REF whose mean you just stand under the company you work (sometimes you registered under 1 Alien something you do not know so well) account you registered under the Companies (you are level 1 of company), when you invest in the company enjoys 10% always, there are things you do not talk to foreigners REF for certain 1, then 10% of that would be that people enjoy. Then you order your work first, and then the first encounter certain problems, you do not know whom to ask for ... # 2. If you registered as of 1 REF someone introduced in the Canada forum or go When you invest, the introduction you will receive 10% from you, you do not lose anything, as in # 1 alone still . However, you'll get back in the referral:% bonus, share experiences that if you play solo will not know which, Shareware, tool ... Also you receive 1 relationship, to be able to exchange views on other issues outside the program are involved, know where you can receive more certain secrets from the relationship
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