PTC :make money neobux-9 notes

* The frequently asked questions related to PTC sites are currently being evaluated as world number one that's PTC Neobux

 Guide to making money online with detailed neobux AZ,

1. Auto Pay what effect?
- You set the Auto Pay = Enable, when one day you rent click ADS ref, then Neobux will automatically debited account or Main Rent and retain it for your ref add 1 day. For example, you rent ref 25 days, and today, ref click ADS, then into tomorrow, ref you rent still 25 days
- The purpose of the Pay auto saves 10% rental cost ref (The automatically retain more days ref click ADS helps us reduce costs by 10% rent retain ref)
- For members Gold, Auto Pay only works when you rent ref still larger number 20. If the ref day you rent less than 20 days, it has no effect
- You should only set the Auto Pay = Enable the end of the first month rent ref.
2. Why is my account locked? Being reset to zero?
- You use on one computer 2 account, the account will be locked
- you used on 3 computers to log on to Neobux within 10 days, the account will be taken not before.
3. Why do not introduce your friends?
- You can only recommend to others (Dirt Ref) when your account over 30 days old and has some click on 100.
4. Why is not my account login?
- Immediately after registration Neobux, you do not click any one ADS does after 3 days, the account will be deleted.
- When clicked on one ADS that after 30 days no login account, that account is deleted .
5. Why my Ref Dirt introducing increased over time?
- Yes, when you first registered Neobux , Ref Dirt introducing the ban was 30, then every 4 days will be increased by an introduction to the Standard. Gold is the second member added an introduction day.
=> This is why you have an account Neobux then have to maintain.
6. Why my ref click that I do not get money from them?
There are 2 reasons:
- First, you want to get a commission from ref tomorrow, then today you have to enable it requires all of ADS (4 with the Gold Standard, and 9)
- Second, because you do not click sever server time Neobux . At Neobux , ADS hour reset at 23h45  Vietnam, but Neobux server of the reser time at 11 as shown below:

=> blue circle clock reser ADS (23h45p Vietnam time), 
red circle clock reset server time (11 hours Vietnam)

Therefore, you may have to click to 8ads day, but the next day does not click Ads. Example: 14h today you click the Ads, and to reset Ads 23h45 that night, until 8am the next morning you left click all Ads, so that day and when you turn on 8ads Sever reset time at 11, they are considered as the date today then you do not click on Ads. So when you need to rent ref click at a fixed time interval under sever (about it is from 11h - 23h45 GMT Vietnam). When you click the right time to do so, account Neobux , Ads Your chart is one line like this (and the word congratulations)

7. This strategy can be applied to other PTC sites?
- Strategy and this problem can rent ref applied to other PTC sites like Neobux (similar to rent ref, click rates, click ref, ref exchange rates, the Daily Ads)
8. Why Neobux to introduce?
- Because the site Neobux is trust, the most prestigious, reputable sites PTC world number 1.
9. change of Neobux

(Status) mini switch PTC Neobux click ad prices down to $ 0001

(dotcomtech.net) Neobux   was announced officially moved from $ 0.01 promotional price down to $ 0001. When to visit only see click rates so I think by the upgrade or something from server malfunctions that they temporarily leave advertising and $ 0.01, but now they have officially notified about this. Quite a lot of people think that this is a form of Neobux SCAM, that Neobux is deceptive and it is even worse than the Neobux SCAM. I'll update the article fully  service announcement from Neobux to you later, here is some brief information:
You can see the full article on their announcement here: Announcement transfer pricing advertising Neobux
Amount awarded from your click:
- Old price: $ 0.01 for 1 ad - old Time: 30s
- New Price: $ 0001 for 1 ad - new Time: 5s
- Prices click decreases and the amount of advertising will increase.

Amount awarded from ref click:
- Standard members: $0.0005
- Golden members: $0.005
- Golden members with a Golden Pack: $0.01
1 ad per hour for someone lucky for $ 0.5
With this change, the unknown Standard member would handle things. And with a leader like Neobux page, unknown their decision making goes down or PTC industry will produce the "juniors" and superior, and far more. So yesterday was, today was different then, can not say NeoBux is SCAM because now they still pay
Changing times, there are more things change over!
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