Some experienced gold trade

Gold often fluctuate primarily in the US and Gold version is also strongly affected the most in the American version

* Summer (from April to November)


- Asian session started at 5AM

- Session 14h20 to Europe starting at 22h20

- US version starting 19h20 till 4am the next day

* Winter (November to April Quartet)

- Session begins from 6am Asia

- Session 15h20 to Europe starting at 23h20

- US version starting 20h20 till 5am the next morning

1. Gold is affected by the hot news and especially hot news or the news published in the American version:

- When the US believe the Good, the Gold often so Priority Reduce Sell orders
- When the US believe the Bad, the Yellow Tang often therefore prioritize the order Buy

2. How bad considering the good news and compare fro

- I consider how much the US session at the most important information? (Important news usually indicated 5 stars or red).
- If there is only one important message is simple announcement. I just see this Good or bad that will prioritize orders Buy or Sell.
- If there is more important news (increased 5 star or the red) then I see no more important message? They believe that the decision will be worth gold trend.
- Or if there are nearly 2/3 Good news is important, we will prioritize the order Sell and vice versa if there is important news that nearly 2/3 bad Buy one priority.
- If the amount of information that is ½ Good news, bad news ½ I will perform the same basic strategy Buy.
Example: My News Today has 5 important message. If there are 3, we believe the Holiday Sale. 3 Bad news out backwards, we Buy.
NOTE: Private American previously announced it was sold by a private American Buy American or that is good or bad. Then, wait for the end of the message, and we summarize the main strategies.
For example, US News today there are 5 important message. 1 private at 20:30 previously announced, if this good news we sell, our Buy bad news. Then again the private 21h 2 Next, this time we consider analyze whether 2 this news with the news at 20:30 How? Good news bad news as much or more? If good many we sell, our Buy bad lot. Same for the last 2 news at 22h.
- If you believe the US has the following message is the important news value than the other important news of the day published: Private US interest rates or believe the FOMC meeting, US employment Tin, Tin Housing, Tin GDP, consumer confidence Tin, Tin Retail
- In the 5th ordinary weekly news publication for unemployment benefits so if one private tutoring important US further published, we will consider the priorities for this important US news if subsidies stop and the news was good. But if unemployment news and the bad period but this period of bad anymore + combined with important news announced adjacent then again, only a Bad Buy. Conversely, if an unemployment news and the bad but this period of bad anymore + combined with important news announced adjacent then the Good has priority Buy, however, is somewhat limited due Buying Gold will not strong.
- When we consider the US announced believe we must pay attention to the news and published periodically. Generally if the news published as expected or higher, meaning good news. However, if you believe an announcement that better before but still almost expect to be good news:
For example, an Information before GDP is 2.6%, expected 3.4%, believe that is 3, 1%, it is still good news
Hay private nonfarm payrolls and out is an 103K, 133K is expected, but still believe that the 110K is good news.
But the better news that precedes but far less than an Bad news expected.
Example: Private non-farm payrolls and the period is 103K, 180K expectation is, but it is believed to be 120K Bad News. Unless they believe the new 150K lq is good news (for near versus an expected + better than before)

3. How to predict trends in session next Gold

- Normally if Gold Version US is increasing or decreasing the release Asia, Europe closely followed Increase or decrease in the US session (applies to meeting increased or decreased approximately $ 10)
- If close to release Europe 30 minutes which tend Gold increase or decrease the likelihood Gold Version Europe will be increased or decreased following
- If the trend Version US Increased or decreased sharply over $ 20, the release Asia successive remain viable Sell primary but now Gold will recover slightly ( increased or decreased again slightly around $ 5) and then we sell or Buy the trend Version US before.
- Normally we look at rates close to trend Version America that is up or down:
Example: Last night version US closed $ 1.330. Tonight close below $ 1.330 is the tendency Reduce, close above $ 1.330 as bullish.
But note that this case even close on $ 1.330 Gold trend is still Reduction
Example: Last night version US closed $ 1.330, Version Asia to date Increase up $ 1.342, $ 1.348 Version Europe rose further. But the American version Gold plunged $ 1,33x and close at $ 1.338. Still close at $ 1.338 Gold was up $ 8 vs. $ 1.330 last night but the actual trend in Version US Gold Reduced from higher levels for up to tomorrow's Asian session DISCOUNT!

4. Consider Gold signs with time of 1 release and its influence to the next session

A. Asia Session:
- Note 2 following milestones: 12h and 13h if hours Summer and Winter hour mark if near 14h if hours Summer and Winter near 15h if hours. If when the two markers that point that gold will rise or fall of gold is signaling trend reversal up or down or in Europe next session. Especially when coming or passing two milestones that time but Gold still can not increase or decrease the range to more than $ 3 to $ 5 for one Buy or sell gold is likely to be reversed version Europe.

Example: I Buy $ 1.341. Then Gold rose to $ 1.345 and $ 1.346, but after 13h (Winter) Gold carrier is unable to withstand over the $ 1.345 that Reduce closer region have purchased, then we followed up to nearly 15h Gold remains sideways to reduce us that 1 signaling is mild or strong reversal in the next session Session 1 Europe.

B. European session.

Similarly Asian session but note 2 following milestones: 17h and 18h ​​if hours Summer and Winter hour mark if near 19h if hours Summer and Winter near 20h if hours. If when the two markers that point that gold will rise or fall of gold is signaling trend reversal rise or fall or next in US version

US Session C.

- Have you noticed 3 time points following: At the session the US started (19h20 (summer) or 20h20 (Winter), depending on the season, but will have one of two milestone hour on) if Gold fell 1 climb above $ 10 but later (21h30 or 22h30, depending on the season) Gold recovered nearly $ 10 is considered Acquisition Right. But if gold does not recover that increase and decrease recovery but weaker momentum decline, it means more gold to fall further ===> Canh Buy Now. After 24h30 23h30 or later, depending on the season) will have extra 1 Gold fell last rally in the US session (except for days with important information such as LS believe the Fed will at 1h15 ahy Other 2.15pm) and then the usual gold going sideways at current prices at the time after the last changes in the date or without the fluctuations that occur after 23h30 or 24h30, the Gold after going sideways at current girlfriend until close ===> have can safely keep or take profit orders. Similarly in the case of gold rose. Note: After 22h30 21h30 or after increasing or decreasing trend of gold will be the trend of gold to date close. So when in early US session gold has increased or decreased 1 marquetry $ 10 - $ 20 just does not help, food is lost after 21h30 or 22h30 Gold later reversed it? If not reversed, it is reassuring.
- Just noticed mold after 21h30 or moldy after 22h30 (depending on season), if naturally Gold sudden signal up or down over $ 5 to $ 10 (in spite of news out how ), the possibility that gold will rise or fall until close and the possibility of any one hot news. (Like day after day 28/1 6th), Gold suddenly surged above $ 5 after 22h. And increase until close

D. Session Europe Asia combined trends affecting Gold.

Please note 1 extra for Kim Phat Tai very important case is usually gold thong Asian and European session will follow the trend of the US session but suddenly increase or decrease Asia Gold Version US Version contrary to the ebb over $ 5 and then release Europe on trends shown that remained (though there recovering somewhat) but the trend is up or down to over $ 5 with stronger intensity, then watch the US session uptrend or Asian and European session fell under 90% (with 1 hot news is likely that the impact on)

Example: Trend Gold last night's American session and close at $ 1.337 increase. To the Asian session tomorrow upward trend continued $ 1.345, but suddenly Blonde almost fell back below $ 1.340 (down more than $ 5) and then to release Europe still signal reduction and the decline intensified, the ability to release US Gold will fall further, so gold soup sold at the session in the US, if the US session this important message out Holiday it will further decline, but the bad news is the decline will be more limited.

5. Analysis of hot news.
>>Tactical trade forex A News
When the US announced the news good or bad but 1 hot news suddenly somehow more important influential American gullible Gold announced it will temporarily run such hot news.

How do I know? We of course can not know in advance when the hot news happens (for hot news is, no one has the ability to know in advance, because it is unexpected news, which was unexpected, it features a powerful influence ). Therefore, we just follow the normal trade analysis published bad tidings, but suddenly erratic fluctuations Yellow discretion not analyzed the ability have one particular hot news. I see on kitco.com or finance.yahoo.com to update see what hot news affect gold? And of course we have to follow the mainstream of the market, can not be argued.

And when it was hot news hot news elements never sustainable, and capable of hot news influential lose Meanwhile Gold decreases or increases.

6. On the 6th of each month the 2nd week

Usually in day 6 Gold generally not decreased much (except first day of January 6th), the ability to rise quite high if there was a previous Gold plummeted. So the priority order of the day 6th Buy 2nd week of the month onwards

7. The trend has fixed?

Gold rise or fall in Asian or European version does not say anything, the US version will be sessions for key trends. And usually if the Asian and European session Blonde 2 increased continuously (without the presence of hot news), the ability to reduce or increase the reversal is extremely high in the US session.

8. Trade Gold in date no American news publication and hitting stop loss trade

If that day does not have news News America announced it important gold trends will be affected by trends Au + Gold Version US news announced the day before.
- If gold after hitting our stop loss point Buy or Sell must be immediately and normal again after hitting the stop loss point gold will rise or fall to reach over $ 5.

9. Consider reversal signal

10. Other factors

- If all everyone thinks it is time Gold rose one should decide Sell Gold and vice versa.
- Gold unnatural natural increase nor decrease, all have reasons and factors affecting up Gold trend. And we have to analyze to learn that era see reason? It sustainable? And if it loses Gold will swear what?
- What, too, of this world are all good with bad, poor and rich have bottomed peak. Truth! When economic development up to the mighty and 1 point (ie peak) will be going down. Like when we climb to the summit is to make sure that we must find a way to climb down again or when we're on the ground can only climb! Gold, too! Kim Phat Tai has always believed Gold may top floor! Lesson 80s is still there
- Finally, this one little bit superstitious, but if you believe it to follow (not recommended). It is under the spiritual, then Kim Phat Tai trade often contrary according to Kitco expectations. The probability of winning is high. That's when Buying or Selling Kitco statement and say KEY TRENDS IN DAY accelerate or decelerate. Then 90% of the gold will go backwards according to Kitco's expectations.

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