4 effective tips when using Youtube channel for e-commerce

(dotcomtech)Visualization and electronic commerce have always gone together, it is evident with the current reality. Online shoppers want to see the image, the products that they buy prepared. Customers always want to buy the quality products, products with good design. So in ecommerce or online sales are beautiful images, crisp, high-resolution images, can rotate 360 ​​degrees, turning to color under special options and can adapt all types of computer resolution, smartphones. The design is so useful in retaining customers and can achieve an order in e-commerce.
 The answer can be found and satisfy all requirements like on the platform and intuitive content that is: Youtube. In the US, YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors per month, more than 6 billion hours per month, and it is especially for ages 18 to 34 accessing Youtube than cable TV.
dotcomtech.net-4 effective tips when using Youtube channel for e-commerce YouTube provides you an account , can create a separate profile for the company, store, or a personal brand. Here, you can display more details about the products to the customer. The product can take, with enough real color image that you want to provide to customers, in the attached video brand identity such as logo or your personal image. This is a solution to avoid "hanging the goat" today of some businesses sell shoddy goods. It makes it more reliable and secure supply of unit products and services to customers.
Here are some steps that you can explore channels Youtube marketing for online sales
1. Type what you should download Youtube video?
There are many types of video with large capacity you can upload: The first thing to transfer easily to any video content, like family videos, product videos, corporate video to introduce you to the the video format. The simple picture is the video clip content, simple format, your employees can make and upload content. Marketing strategy in your Youtube not to be too complex. The most important thing is the production of content, format, with specific scenarios in order to right customers for your business.
Your videos are uploaded and shared on other social networks like Facebook , Google+, Twitter, ... You can upload and share daily. I for example, you own a website e-commerce sales. You're selling a laptop, you can download images that rotate laptop, with pictures on the front on the back, color, resolution, useful features to users, you push it to the video channel Social networking products, customers see a visual way, so the impact on the buying behavior of customers faster.
 dotcomtech.net-make money online with youtube

Apple - iPhone 5s - TV Ad - Parenthood

Video introduction Product introduction: This is the kind of video can let customers know the process of launching a product, the components assembled together, know who produced them and even more so. What kind of useful this video, because satisfies the innate curiosity of people about the famous product line iPhone 5s
Video daily operations of the company: You can put a video on a normal day of the company, the introduction of employee, or any aspect of the company so that customers can see, creating confidence in your company to customers.

With the newly founded company / Purpose, Vision Companies: This is an introductory video, good stuff with the newly established company, the products, new services launched or are looking for a company or identifying, positioning the brand, its image in the marketplace
2. Optimize your Branding strategy and creating content
If you want a good brand, today make a formal channel on Youtube for the company, store or your brand. This will be the basis for you to promote the image of products and services such as a blog or their own e-commerce Website . It is a special tool to support its e-commerce website of your mainstream.
website youtube-dotcomtech.net
Let's set the parameters, interfaces Youtube channel matching product line, you're in business services, especially the goal of building the canal.

Make sure you customize the look of your channel to suit your brand visibility. For example, look how the goal of building channels:
Objective YouTube Channel
Once your Youtube channel is set up, you start to look after it as care Blog website or e-commerce. Please email everyday products, listen to the interaction between customers and answer questions about your product line.
Here are a few important reasons for you to upload your video to:
  • That is the best way to attract more people to your channel.
  • When someone sees your video one, or find your channel, you want them to understand more and more, as well about your product.
  • You can upload as much video quality, YouTube will rank higher your channel in search results on YouTube.
Basically, by uploading videos fit, your YouTube channel will be found on the search engines, and thus promote your product video will have a chance to succeed.
Regarding the frequency of posting, once a month is a minimum mark, then, after the video that interact efficiently and you can rise 1 week / 1 video quality.
3. Lead the customer to purchase action.

Annotations are small text that pops up in the middle of the video on Youtube. With annotations, we can use as comments on video, or the call to purchase in e-commerce.
These annotations you can do:
  • Include a link to the product page in the video
  • We can use the form text: Check products at HERE!
  • Include link to homepage
  • Viewers directly related videos will bring them closer to a purchase decision
Here's a great video from YouTube explaining how to use the caption:
4. Spread your video with FameBit

FameBit is a super simple channel for the brand aims to find, hire and work with influential people on Youtube, it has the certification services as well as evaluating the products, guides, transportation and other promotional video.
  • Here are a few advantages to using extraction capability FameBit spread Youtube channel:
  • User development opportunities and corporate brand awareness quickly.
  • There are high-quality video and confirm your brand
  • Working directly with celebrities - most consumer oriented Youtube
  • The cost is very small compared with the benefits that it brings
In this video are a company that sells equipment hair industry, they promote sales through celebrity Arika Sato on Youtube. Video has 30,000 views.
5. Using the website YouTube for your ecommerce
Think about funny Old Spice ads, or video clips and extreme folly of Red hot. Through YouTube, the brand is promoting its image and give their fans a link to their face. You can do it with your YouTube channel.

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  All this can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Think about the type of video you want to upload
  • Creating a content strategy based on this, and build your posting schedule
  • Using annotations in your video as a call to action to encourage viewers calling purchases
How you feeling: 
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