5 Writing Tips Hot AdWords Advertiser

Surely this is not a new topic, we've heard a lot about writing ads must or, right on target. Specifically: Creative writing or right, right on target, using the call for stronger action ...
Thus, advertisers know how to Write ads to match the search query, to know how to navigate good landing page for users. It was the right step. But this is not enough?
Human dated 01.10.2015 (the date rolls at all) I'll share with everybody one little tips when writing ads become more attractive, more prominent. The fact proves, after applying the rules normally write ads + apply some tips, indicators CTR of your account improved considerably. And of course, better quality score which can also be achieved.

AdWords ad creation attractive
Tips AdWords advertisers create engaging

1. Use Discount Code

If your website has integrated online payment functionality, you do not ignore the effect that brings losers.
Everybody likes to get buy cheap!
  • Enter Code "2015" for a 25% price preference
  • 3 Save 30% interest with discount code "NewYear"
  • Saving 50$ / product with Coupon: dotcomtech

2. Using the unique character

Google does not allow the use of special characters in the ad (http://goo.gl/Yk0HBc), but there are many characters are allowed to use.
Make your ads become more unique one bit!
  • Up to 30% when purchasing genuine accessories
  • Genuine: 6,650$ Give paste screen!
  • Hotels rated 4 * & 5 *, A + on BBB

3. No deals? People still like the numbers

Do not make your customer bored by the whole word sentences and text ads, sometimes just using first few numbers you would see that the result is improved.
  • Top 10 real estate business in 2014 the most successful
  • With 15 years of experience, we will do it!
  • 24/7 technical support. New change delivery in 7 days
  • Top quality with only 3 2,00$/ products
  • 50 artisans to create products for only 1,499$

4. Closing Sales - Call to action

Nothing better than that you use strong verbs, potentially closing high Sale. Always efficient, important is how you write only.
  • Discounts up to 50% if a purchase today!
  • Sale Off 50% genuine. Buy now!
  • Buy today, save 500k!
  • This week only sale. Take 70% DISCOUNT!
  • Buy today, get immediate 1,000$ Tet gifts!
  • 79900$ discount only. Price Match Guarantee!

5. Play word

  • Why to buy at the price? Take 30% savings Here!
  • Buy it now: "Get instant gift hand"
  • Find detailed bother? Cheap here! 
It was one of his share in the process of working on advertising accounts for clients.
Think about the products / services themselves, and to think for themselves so many real or offline ads!

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