8 -year-old boy earns $ 1.3 million / year thanks to Angry Birds

Evan (8 years old) is quite popular boy online. He is the owner of Youtube channel specializing in dam box and assess children's toys named EvanTubeHD with 1.2 million followers.
Evan (8 years old) is quite popular boy online. He is the owner of the channel   Youtube   ransfer to beat box and assess children's toys named EvanTubeHD with 1.2 million followers.
So Evan has done to achieve this? Specializing in providing EvanTubeHD   video   is Evan assessment of toys and   game   Electronic fancy boy. His father recorded and added some special effects then help upload product Evan up   Youtube. Sometimes the mother or sister of Evan played a cameo in the video.
Predestined to this path of Evan quite accidentally when a few years ago, Evan and his father performed the assessment of video games   Angry Birds clay. Then sign up Evan proposals published   Youtube   to share with friends.
Although the share of Evan fact not fussy, meticulous as her video assess ng ngh ệ products. Usually, he just introduced to the toy, age appropriate play.
The striking feature is that the looks innocent, lovely bright and Evan, especially when he was "beat box" a new toy.

Angry Birds help 8 year old boy behind EvanTubeHD channels earn $ 1.3 million

"Initially we planned to do a video / month to   entertainment   and it's great to see more people interested in it.
However, not until after the clip on   Angry Birds   reaching 1   tri specific magnification views, we realize this great potential to How "- brother Jared (Evan's dad) interviewed on Newsweek.
Evan father also said that all profits from Evan channels are reinvested and deposited in savings accounts of Evan and little sister   Jillian. Jillian also plays a supporting role in his brother's video series. She makes the cute video of the share increased manyfold.
Evan and his father recently launched two new channels are added EvanTubeRaw specializing in the background clip, vlog of   family   and EvanTubeGaming comments focused on video games.
In fact, the video of Evan and his father cute boy so much that they quickly became popular. When their first video rolled landmark 1 million views, Evan's father realized that this could be a job offer generous income. And not long after, EvanTubeHD become a story typical Internet startup.
Now, Evan channel even has a separate team dedicated to the sale of advertising and negotiate with brands and companies.
His father explains: "The negotiations are not only linked to advertising in and around every video but also the products will appear in the video again.
Most of the revenue comes from advertising on the video. In addition, the system that YouTube / Google   will be responsible for handling all ad placements under the channel. "
Evan has been certified Youtube Star. His EvanTubeHD channel even comparable to the   star   world famous, huge profits - $ 1.3 million / year.
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