Guide created for Amazon review site for 3 months and earn $ 500 monthly.

Through articles on Amazon Series , its most instruct you on how to approach doing Affiliate without mention of his way to do yet with Amazon Affiliate, so this article will cover the entire process of their creation topics 1 Reviews for Amazon Affiliate product site within 3 months.
Revenue for each site can range from $ 400 to $ 500 per month. Surely you'll do that, so do not miss any of the details because it is important.

First check out the Revenue report a bit, this is the report for a site Reivew their products rather enthusiastic and put a lot of effort into. Report from early January until 20 offline.

Why you should listen to her

I did Affiliate 2+ years and for Amazon than 1 year. Achievement also but not enough to call "Passive Income" (tentatively called earn very, very much). I have income share detailed report here: income report . Also, I have done a lot with the other Affiliate

- www.mytrafficvalue.com
- exness

And Amazon Affiliate is its vendor in the most pains. His time spent current job and go work this affiliate, are you? this may be the opportunity for you to quit your job is boring and started to pursue a job that you enjoy.

Do not think that you need to have knowledge of IT or Marketing Reviews site to do, because it's intended for anyone passionate about and really serious. I said really, really serious.

Site Reviews What is?

Quite simply, before you buy anything on Amazon.com product, the buyer (mostly US) often want to find out information about the product, users rated as yet, and we do a site like Thus the reader.

I will gather content from other websites through to learn about products, take the time to research for information, filtering and rewriting a most useful to the reader.

Important information:
  • Just do review for 5 to> 20 products concerned, not more.
  • Just 3 months was able to earn income.
  • Product selection is very important, it determines whether you succeed or not
If you were involved in the Amazon Affiliate and then read on, even if you are not involved in these matters, see 2 sections:
Now start building  review page:

Note: this approach is not based on special trick or way at all, are depending on you to do well or not, tenacity to succeed. If you hope to make money after only 1.2 months, this article will not help you. :)

1. Select the product to write Reviews

Why choose the right products so important? because not empty you will succeed Reviews, of course. Here are a few important reasons:
  • Products must be quite common. An unknown product then nobody wants to buy.
  • The price is also a bit high right
  • There should be a few vendors selling products, such as can be bought at ebay or amazon .
  • Is not too saturated for affiliate marketing.
Popular products

You have to find common products that can buy more quantity, while also increasing the search volume traffics to your website is new increase. When new it sold more, but conventional products, despite the top rank not matter much Revenue generated.

There are a few ways to find, for example in the Amazon, find the item that best seller, choose some sub-category that you prefer, or have little experience of it, for example, would like baby stroller:

Pretty easy, right?

Product price

If under amazon affiliate a commission will find this time from 4% to 8%, which is quite low compared to other affiliate. So suppose you were 6%, when sales were $ 10, you'll get $ 0.6 pre-commission, sales were $ 100, get $ 6 commission dc. So to make products review site, then you have to choose the product that has cost at least $ 100. No, it's not worth doing.

Of course, do not hard sell expensive than not, too, waiting for their show nor sold empty.

There are many different vendor

If there are several different vendors together sold a product is pretty favorable, such as amazon, ebay, you can easily do more comparison product.

Note is very important to do product comparison with the buyer, try to think, if you look to buy something, to buy in the cheapest place, best, right?

Product comparsion how pretty simple, you create one table, then fill out the information about prices, highlights some buying at Amazon and Ebay. Reviews Summayr number, quality evaluation comments to the buyer can easily know the place better.
Saturation characteristics for Affiliate

Properties on the affiliate market saturation is what?

For example, you affiliate for iPhone, for example, you fail Sure, because this is too saturated, then, there are thousands of websites for sale, even the buyer in order to fast straight apple.com. Inexpensive, learn.

So finding a fairly popular product that few are the affiliate Promote rather difficult thing.

I think this is important when selecting second product Reviews, because fewer Promote affiliate products, your chances of success are high. And find products such as you find success factors "Key Success".

You refer to the information in this light, how to find suitable keyword .

Now, returning to the story as the site for 3 months review:

2. Construction site review

January: Construction of contents

The steps are:
  1. Product search.
  2. Create homepage
  3. Create a post page, tab page
  4. Create product comparsion
  5. Create Discount code, promotion (if applicable)
  6. Create give away (anything related to the products that you can give users are)
  7. Write content, reviews.
Important note:
  • Perform SEO on page and make sure that all are indexed by google page, should post regularly in one early weeks.
  • Always make sure that the meta title and meta description matches what you want.
  • With the product introduction page, try for keyword promotion, review, in title and article content if possible.
  • Invest time to research the keywords a lot, learn thoroughly, collecting information from other web about, then sit rewritten every detail one of the better, more systematic, more useful sites are. So is the basis for winning the competition (if any). This work takes a lot of time and is extremely important, so do not be taken lightly.
February: monitize & Improving

This month you continue to improve the quality of the article, find more sources of information and modify, translate it into your and create more confidence for the reader. And this time you start building backlinks, just a few baclink is enough, do not need much, remember quality over quantity. See his article about backlink to disclose more.

This is quite important because if months have signs of success, you will see traffics in ascending direction. however, review the chart traffics to your site will be very erratic, sometimes seasonal sale, according to the keyword.

You should look carefully daily traffics to also make plans for dealing promptly.

  3,4,5,6: continued focus on monitize & Improve and backlink building

Why do I say three months is going to get results, because from May 3rd, you begin to gradually stabilize traffics (of course if done correctly and efficiently). For whatever reason that fails, make sure you will not find anywhere traffics, obviously 

Traffics stability also means you start seeing sale.

This is their traffics in March:

The following two items are for making Niche blog, but if you do it for the better Product review

Link Building

Link building in the form of white Hat SEO, I can post details of items do niche blog before, you monitored in that offline.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting for product review site rather difficult because I do review site it is difficult to write contents and post the link on your site, but if you are hardworking, seek review of the product links of other web, post comments with your link.

3. Success Factors

Product selection, quality content writing actually doing SEO &:

This section should not mentioned above and then back again. I just want to emphasize again.

Advanced section:

There is a success factor is very important in the course of 3 months, you can make multiple parallel product Reviews site, if they have the same niche or related to each other, you should link them together, forming a small small network. Many of these sites are a combination will push up the site.

I'll take the time to write an article for this section more carefully. You are welcome to read offline.


Please review your processes do, step by step
  • Identify products for review
  • Buy domains, hosting, creating sites, theme
  • Write Product Reviews on detail, the most useful, do not copy from others
  • On page SEO, off pace
  • Create valuable backlink
  • Continue monitize, perseverance and hard
And here are the results after several months struggling:

Having to worry about Google Panda, Penguin no? of course, to write contents you do not get thin affiliate sites Google considered, the content must be truly unique, self-written, not sooner or later you will lose ranking. I've helped you and how do the orientation right, now you go to try to see, if you have any questions or need anything just ask below in comments.

Another point is that if you buy hosting with their affiliate link, I'll help you review your affiliate site. Just buy hosting, create contents and email us, we will respond.

If you find the article useful to you. Please share fears yourselves. Thank you.

Written by: kinhlup

How you feeling: 

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