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When you come here, then perhaps you've heard briefly about the SEO right? So what is SEO, I sure do not need to say over again.

When using WordPress, you'll probably hear a very good SEO WordPress support. This is true but it is only true in part because good SEO WordPress really only when you configured it correctly, use the proper SEO plugin support, and self-optimization SEO-standard interface.

If you are new to WordPress but inexperienced SEO for it is in this article, you'll get a detailed guide regarding the WordPress SEO. Here, you will learn how to set the standard WordPress SEO how combining these plugins are, the work can be done to support good SEO.

Have you started yet? Take a look at the table of contents below to select the section you want to read offline.

Basic settings for standard WordPress SEO
Setting the standard path SEO

Default WordPress will have http://example.com/?p=123 style paths. This path will never be because it does not contain the standard SEO keywords SEO articles or pages to be up there, and less important as a professional.

Take a look at the current path of thanhpham.com http://thanhpham.com/seo-blog-wordpress.html

Rather beautiful, but there are the keywords to SEO anymore. To do this, go to Settings -> Permalink -> Custom Structure and copy the below at: /%category%/%postname%.html

Setting the standard path structure SEO The structure on the path means your articles will be structured as http://domain.com/tên-category/tên-bài-viết.html.

Or you can use a different structure were: /% Postname%

Keep in mind that you should choose a fixed path structure to use permanently because later if you change goes, the old posts will be 404 if all that is still cached on Google, so very dangerous.
Use domain name with WWW or without WWW

This is also very important in the show, you should specify domain structure with or without www www. Encourage myself to use for those without www help take the path area.

To set up, go to Settings -> General, and enter the domain name structure that you want.

Using domain structure without WWW Now, if you deliberately knocked www.example.com, it will automatically convert into a non-www. If you have the www subdomain DNS settings for it will automatically redirect the non-www domain name format that you have set.

Homepage standard optimal SEO title

Title and description outside the home will determine your website home page Friendly beyond Google search engine or not.

The title and description optimal writing will not only help you get good ranking on Google, but also help you attract more clicks if you write it plays significant, visible readability.

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To optimize title and description beyond the homepage, please use the plugin SEO by Yoast (also a plugin that I will guide throughout this article) to do offline.

Once installed, go to SEO Titles & METAS >> Home >> you write title and description and in the corresponding frame.

Write Title and Description for the home page SEO by Yoast plugin

You SEO website builder
Standard Theme Options SEO

Although not necessarily with the new theme SEO SEO standards but the standards you have an SEO theme will be easy for you than when he started.

The reason SEO support standard themes good SEO because it is optimized to interface structure bot easily identified key content in the website. Optimal speed simultaneously, focusing on content, optimal heading tags, structure Schema.org standard interfaces, .. so you can own a standard interface most SEO.

Here is the theme SEO standards they have acquired:

The theme of Hybrid Framework.

Pay fees
Genesis Framework
Canvas Framework

But overall, there is a problem when the selected theme SEO standards is select the theme little effect as little as possible, structured blog format to speed time index new content on the website.
Create XML Sitemap and submit it to Google

XML Sitemap is a website map file format is .xml like this one to help bot easily receive new content and index it faster.

Once created, you also need to submit it to Google through Google Webmasters Tools service to it began operations as determined sitemaps.

You can watch this video to learn how to create and submit XML sitemap to Google WordPress.
Create robots.txt file

File robots will work to navigate the bugs of the search engines, you can "talk" to it which directory is not indexed. Currently Google is the largest search engine should almost we just create robots file for Google's bot.

To create a robots.txt file, you can manually create a file named robots.txt and upload it to the root directory of the site WordPress (wp-config.php par with), and often there will be content that: User-agent: * Disallow: / wp-admin / Disallow: / wp-includes /

Content on means that you specify the entire bot search data is not collected in the / wp-admin / and / wp-includes).

Or you can use SEO by Yoast plugin by going to Edit Files SEO >> and press the relevant button if not already. After creating it has more content available for this file.
Add related articles in each article

If you read the article in Thachpham.com will surely see the position in May will immediately end all, in that it displays all closely linked to the post you are reading. WordPress can identify relevant articles via keywords in content, titles, tags and category .

In terms of significance, the relevant article will help you strengthen links deep, stimulating the user to view many more pages on your website.
Accelerate website

If your website has good pace, it will definitely be beneficial for SEO because Google had claimed that the speed of the website also affect website rankings on search results. On the other hand, high-speed website will get more pages indexed bot.

WordPress website's speed depends on many factors, you can see the tips accelerate WordPress post if need more knowledge.

But there are a lot of factors that influence the speed that is website hosting speed that you are taking. Ideally, pick out the best hosting speed to use.
Connect website with social networks

Social networking can affect your SEO or not, dare not say, but I'm sure a social network that will help you get many hits on the website, in Vietnam, the largest social network Facebook.

Connect website with social network here means:
Insert the button on the social networking website.
Links to fanpage - your group.
Facilitating users share content on social networks by inserting the Share button.
Use Open Graph to optimize the content shared on social networks.
Use Facebook to Statistical Insight, attract hits.

So in WordPress how to do the above? The easiest way is to use the plugin, below is the plugin to do every job on:
Insert button like - share, +1 social network: Digg Plugin .
Links to fanpage - group: Facebook plugin (also many other features).
Optimize Open Graph: SEO by Yoast .
Use Facebook Insight: SEO by Yoast SEO section >> Social
Create Page Archives (Archives)

This storage site it is like a sitemap, but it is for the reader, but it also helped search bot easily determine the content.

In this archive page it can list all existing tags and categories, the entries in each category, ... Generally is looking at this page the reader will have an overview of your website.

To create a store page, you can use the following plugin:
Archives plugin
Clean My Archives
Use heading tags properly for theme

Heading tags (h1 to h6 word) in HTML will help bot identify important elements on the website. The lower the number of cards valued higher level (h1 is the highest and the lowest is h6).

Typically an SEO standard themes will be heading tags is as follows:
H1: For the logo, website name on the header. But when in viewing messages, h1 tags will be for name entries.
H2: for names outside of home entries.
H3: For the title of the widget.
H4: For an important link in the widget as the category menu.

To correct the heading according to their own card, it requires you to have knowledge of editing WordPress theme and understand the structure of each theme. You can view the theme structure for reference WordPress and ushered in exchange for his own proper heading tags.
You SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing You mean you can post on WordPress how search bots can easily analyze the contents and have enough keywords needed to achieve the highest rankings on Google search engine.

A content SEO standards would include such factors as:
You SEO article title, keywords focused.
Use heading tags (h2 to h4 from) properly in post.
Write keyword optimized articles need SEO on.
Optimize your <title> tag and meta description for each post need SEO.
Adding internal links to optimize all - natural.
Friendly content, readability, naturally to attract users.

All the parts you have collected above into this video , you can see through to writing SEO standards.

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Improve ranking with backlink

Backlink refers to the links pointing to your website from another website. These links will improve your rankings because Google says will help the website get backlink pointing to increase the prestige and guide the bot from website links and sharing place ranking Pagerank.

This means that if you have multiple websites, the more quality backlinks is more likely to get high rankings on Google.

Comment on other blogs to get backlinks

Usually the website using WordPress will help you get a backlink when you comment on that because of links pointing to the website will be placed beneath your name.

Let's see how your comments are improving communication, strengthening relationships rather than just for the purpose of building backlinks for comment style status quo "empty" very common, have to obtain comment for backlink .
Posting on other blogs (guest blogging)

Backlink building this form means that you will join other blog posting and to insert a backlink to the article because it often is the priority of all for your blog.
Should backlink pointing to pages?

By personal experience, you should:
Backlink pointing to the category if you want to save time for the visitors to this site, they will see a lot of other sites.
Backlink pointing to each article if you need SEO to that article on the top search fast, powerful.
Backlink pointing to the home page if you want to optimize Domain Authority, Pagerank.
On-page SEO enhanced with WordPress

In this section, I will share another experience in the On-page optimization improve your website if you need more flexibility in optimizing SEO standards.
Add noindex tag on unnecessary pages

If you have post / page written without it on top, then it is best for it noindex tag to search bot ignored when in there. This technique is effective bot index more pages because each process content crawling bot only works on certain time.

You can use SEO by Yoast plugin and select the Advanced section and select while writing Meta Robots Meta Robots Follow the nofollow and noindex Index was.

Noindex and nofollow put post / page Likewise, you can put the noindex and nofollow for category / tag unnecessary by going to Posts -> Categories and Posts -> Tags to edit. If you have installed SEO by Yoast, it supports optional put noindex tag to tag and category.

Use a 301 Redirect instead of deleting article

301 redirect is the website navigation techniques from the old address to the new address if someone access to your old address. When an article has been erased, the user will get error 404 while in the old posts there. This common error when you delete a post which has been on the search results.

To use a 301 redirect for post / page, you can use the features available in the Advanced section 301 Redirect SEO by Yoast plugin.

Set nofollow for links pointing off

The default link will be dofollow attribute. If a link that has the nofollow attribute as follows: <a href="http://google.com" rel="nofollow"> Google </a>

Meanwhile, the bot will not "illegal" to link it to collect data, and not share ranking factors for your website link.

Therefore, if possible, put the nofollow attribute to all links that point out. You can use the plugin WP External Links to it automatically adds rel = "nofollow externl" in all links pointing out.


The whole process of SEO for a WordPress website probably will not just cover the work they have mentioned above, it also contains many more other techniques which may analyzing user - SEO Analysis The most important is also the most difficult.

However, to do the job that requires you to have a knowledge of sustainable SEO and this article is all you need to know about SEO basics, as well as how to best optimize on WordPress SEO information through his experience. We hope it will be useful for you.

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