Stock options as to how to invest?

 Stock options as to how to invest?
Some statements
  1)Stock market after a period of operation has grown up,  the market makers - investors who have more experience, it would no longer white inside story buyers or sellers
  2) Before the bull market: bluechip, MidCap, penny gained; So far there is clear differentiation: there are gainers and losers; Investors began to be interested in the news, economic indicators announced important. For example, an enterprise with high export rate, domestic inputs; then the rate increases will benefit and improve profitability; foreign currency corporate debt when the exchange rate rose to a provision ... investors are aware decision to purchase
  3) There is no concept of long-term investment; but only the concept of investment cycles (not applicable to investors buying shares to major shareholders). Businesses and the economy, there will be growth cycle, growth risks will decline as for any enterprise, so long-term investments must be revalued
Stock selection criteria
  1. Select industry is entering a new growth cycle
  2. Select stocks with good core, operating results have under control
  3.Leadership does not need too good but afford to allocate capital, manage well.
  4. Select the appropriate time to enter, see chart  
For individual investors dotcomtech: stock picking process long enough to accrue and creating pattern flag, flag points on the tail wing on the stock exchanges meet the criteria This does not have much .....................

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