10 characteristics of human beings that anyone working in sales need to know

We need to study psychology, especially if you work in the field of marketing, sales or writing copy. Your job requires understanding all the characteristics of the human, analyze why we again received this decision, not the other decision.
Here are ten characteristics of human beings that anyone working in marketing / sales / advertising also need to know about. 
Ten factors that will help you understand more about the nature of man - the "God" does not always make purchases logical action.

1. We accept decisions usually emotional

decisions we make are often based on feelings, needs or feelings, not necessarily logical calculation. Because of this, non-material benefits that we get is one of the factors that persuaded buying action. Do not forget to press the button with which you can affect human emotions.  

2. We need the facts

, for example: a person see ads with pictures of sports cars and he liked it. He will not buy this car when not feel like it, and he wants to get specific information about the specification as engine power, safety, price and care. He wanted this car because it allows him to get comfortable. But he can only buy it as justification for their purchasing behavior and to prove the reason of the action.  

3. We are autism center
We see the world with the view of the way that it has a relationship with us When someone asks us to do something, we immediately began to think, whether this gives us things? People generally try to think of yourself first. Even though he was very good. That's human nature.  

4. We appreciate the value

When selecting this product or other products, we are usually interested in its value first. Then we compare that value with the prices of those goods hoa.Gia greater than commodity prices, the probability that the product will be sold for more and more people. Of course, for each person is worth the price of the commodity itself.  

5. Social

brain is not a computer person .The scientists have proved that the main function of the brain is shown in solving the problems of social impact, mutual relationships between people. Let's try to remember the ordinary mathematics lessons. The essence of the problem is always easy to understand, if it is related to real life, not with the abstract data. So to promote products, many companies actively use comments to other customers, the success stories, photos, illustrations ...  

6. You can not force people to do anything

when people purchase, this happens not because you have the power to them. You can call and command, but mortars along, people will do what they want, not what you want. This means that your job is done to show how you propose to satisfy the current needs and future clients.  

7. People like shopping

People really like shopping. Simply pay attention to the software industry. Nearly every small software contains copyrighted exempt variable rate phi.Nhung people continue to use the software programs for a fee. Do not hurry to promote the buying process - the human body will want to end the process. You just need to make attractive proposals that interested customers. 

8. We often suspect

most people hesitated hesitated for a certain item. They do not want to risk. You never can not say this is the lack of trust of customers for the product. Hence the need to consider the following factors: results of testing, research and certification from the information source, the scientific data.  

9. People are always looking for something

love. Richness. Glory. Utilities. Safe. They are always looking for something. Your task is simple - please give what they seek. And do not need anything more. That's enough.  

10. People act usually follow herd mentality

If other people assess the product shall be considered as well. The best-selling book, the blockbuster attracted many readers and viewers respectively only because many people have read the book or see the movie.
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