4 Stepped Process of Analysing Competitors

Four-step analysis simple opponents will help you overtake rivals, winning in the marketplace.

1. Scouting the opponent: 
The first step in analyzing opponents are gathering their marketing tools, such as information on the website, print publications, leaflets, articles. Please take the time to learn what makes the customers to visit and purchase products and services from competitors.
2. Assume you have more opponents than you think. 
Apart from its main rival, the existing, please pay attention to the marketing tools of the company you expected to provide the same type of product or service your company's similar. For example, a carpenter who believes he can produce cabinets, kitchen durable, able to compete with other companies. Meanwhile, his customers think the same products sold in commercial centers to better, more assured of quality. This time, the carpenter should research the commercial center of product marketing in their area and devise appropriate marketing programs more attractive in order to attract customers to buy their products.
3. Focus on the message communicated to consumers. 
First, it should set a marketing tool, the next step is to analyze what message to convey and how. Identify the major highlight in the message of opponents and do not be surprised if many messages are quite similar.
After you have identified your own message, please review current marketing tools yet rival the most efficient operation. In this way, the analysis of competitors will help you realize the shortcomings of marketing activities of others and avoid such shortcomings.
4. Now it is time to speak the truth. 
You're collecting all the marketing tools and research the main message of the competition, which leads to the question how your product meets customer needs in terms of both originality and conviction s? To find the answer, you do not just pay attention to the product or service you are offering, but also to improve the process works, including what has always made the difference for the product or service Your service as excellent customer service, not obtain shipping fee for subsequent purchases.
How you feeling: 
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