Create an Email with your own domain name is free and professional

Before you can use Google services to create email addresses bring your own domain name. But now it's not free anymore. This article introduces you how to create an email address in Mail of Zoho  with many exciting features, and completely free.
So create an Email with your own domain name like?

Note: This article was updated content!

1. Register your account Zoho

Zoho.com is a reputable website and strong support office features as well as customer relationship management. In many functions, then there is a function to create emails with your own domain name, in the course of their use may find it completely replaced by live.com . First you need to register an account Zoho here .
oZobdEz.png (728×514)
After registration is complete, the mail and confirm your registration.

2. Subscribe to the Zoho Mail

You access the home page of Zoho applications here , many applications and utilities will appear. You choose Mail / Access ...
fVivejx.png (405×328)
A registered user table service categories will be displayed, because your needs are individual, so only choose LITE (FREE but) ...
vJhogIK.png (1060×298)
Free 5-mails, each mail with 5GB of data storage and 5 GB data sharing ...
a7Wd8vh.png (834×159)
Enter your email address domain need to create ...
wR9hwHf.png (931×463)
Starting confirm ownership of the domain name ...
Jakl1X8.png (639 × 254)
This is the configuration information, please visit Cpanel DOMAIN and import it into.
Q4V5RRS.png (961×61)
Select the Type is CNAME and enter 2 parameters that you get.
V7YAvez.png (586×170)
And enter the MX ...
Vyqbw3z.png (962×145)
MX configuration parameters as shown above (with the intermediary as CloudFlare DNS '@' automatically converted into 'domain.com') ...
NOTE: Remove all from previous MX configuration, leaving only the top 2 MX configuration here. Otherwise you will not be able to receive email.
vvaZNWv.png (166×60)
Then you to configure Zoho Mail page and select the Verify / Procced (usually 30-45 minutes will have to wait for the domain DNS updates)
7nPSSmP.png (330×113)
Create email with your own domain name ...
That's it, right after this step, emails with your own domain name already active.
OiScuSd.png (1061×240)
This is a test mail. Everything is okay:)

3. Review

Uhmm, have an inconvenience for those who use the mail with your own domain name that is very easy to change the service, but each service change was once lost data.
The solution is simple, use the management software 3rd party Mail, like Outlook or Thunderbird, download mail (data about the machine) and erase the data on the mail server, so 5GB of data is overkill with you. And because your data is backed up on your computer, so you can completely change or upgrade to another service if there is something wrong:)
Zoho with him rated as fully functional than Outlook.com , many service connections. Installation is extremely simple, not complicated like Outlook, only one (according to his personal perception) is the interface look more liberal outlook.
But, anyway, this is a perfect alternative, nothing better! What are you waiting anymore without trial today!
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