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Search with Facebook ? It may sound hard to believe, you used Facebook to connect with friends, chatting, posting status, see picture, video, entertainment, ... I do have to make money somewhere. Really is that, Facebook does not have any money for any program and you can not find a place to make money on facebook.

Friends, relatives, your colleagues have used Facebook not? I know the answer is yes, Facebook can now say is the most powerful social networks not only in Vietnam but also in the world market, you can not make money with Facebook, but you can use Facebook to do money maker, and mainly thanks to the Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Ads , so you can make money with these forms:

1, Make Money with goods / services of your own.

If you are thinking of business, or you're in business, and can you develop your own brand, online services, ... then Facebook will be a great tool to help you be able to attract more customers. Your job is to create one Fanpage on store or your service, then by all means you may do so that potential customers can see your Fanpage, if they are interested would like, purchase or use the service. Access to free customers is difficult and attracted a lot of customers, but you make: First, please introduce Fanpage for those around you, those closest to attract the number of board Like first, then you can transfer your Fanpage widely grandmother by having other people recommend, posted on the site, the other Fanpage, ... But the free way usually attracts less quantity and not quality Fan amount, often by people like you, not like it was voluntary.
So the form that individuals and businesses are to use the most is that Facebook ads. Facebook ads are a form of advertising on Facebook you rent, your ads will reach your customers whose custom, try to accurately guide customers to attract more interactive and shopping, using services and like your Fanpage. You are dealing in clothes, watches, you're the owner of a diner, restaurant, spa, ... or you are developing online services such as online courses, ebooks sell, service hosting, domain, ... he calls this sentimentality Facebook ads that support tools to help you make money easier and get rich quick if you apply good. Read the tutorial sequence following Facebook ads, you will learn more about Facebook ads, how to set up, the ad formats as well as how to run Facebook ads:

2,>> Make Money with Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing)

If you do not have the product or service created by you, rest assured, you can go grab someone else's sales commission, even rose up to 100-200%. For online payments in less developed countries is still not common, when you become an affiliate commission in that country is quite low, high, only 10-20%. Whereas if you do Affiliate in overseas markets such as USA, then rose up very high, even up to 100-200%. Here is one of the article you can read further to learn more about form Affiliate marketing network and the networks you can start to make money with this method:
When you join an affiliate network website and select the products then you can use Facebook Fanpage and ads to promote products such as Part 1. Read all learn about affiliate marketing on here you will better visualize the forms and how to promote products.

3.>> Making money with Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is a form of placing ads on your website, when a visitor clicks on the ad, you will be paying google. But why do you make money with this method relies on Facebook ads and Facebook Fanpage? Very simple to build 1 Fanpage and navigate visitors to your website. Her take a typical example is Fanpage abc for abc.com will navigate traffic, navigating traffic Fanpage fox will give website: fox.com and a lot more ... You can also surf the daily website that divide Fanpage Share content a web page, do not think that they shared for fun, for there, they're there to make money but you do not know it. In addition to the website, you can also make money with YouTube via Google Adsense, instead you post links to your website then you will post your video on youtube Fanpage, youtube viewers click on the ad, you will also receive a certain amounts, read the instructions to understand more details about making money with YouTube:

To make money with this method you need to have a Google Adsense account, a Fanpage, initially you can use Facebook ads to increase like for that Fanpage investment real Fanpage quality content, make sure content to get more people interested. Regularly post pictures or videos is contagious high to attract like, share, ... occasionally post a link alone but much diluted post Fanpage. And one last thing do not overdo form of money this way by the transmission of the information is not true, sensational information, or information defame someone, ... You'll soon caught by police, why u read the following article in the newspaper employees: Getting Emergency 2 launched fake news on Facebook

4, Make money by selling Fanpage - selling post Fanpage

There are so many personal / business acquisition Fanpage much like to use in many different purposes, prices range from $ 0001 - $ 0.03 / like depends on the content Fanpage, interaction Fanpage. If you have a talent or recipes, which makes magic much like Fanpage you should make money this way. Maybe you should run your ads start to attract many first fanbase gradually you try to interact as much to get many like free, for example, you create Fanpage focused on fans of the singer, actor, famous people ... can you establish Fanpage about the entertainment field, sentence, or, ...
As for selling 1 post Fanpage Fanpage number of some singers and actors sell post, 1 post ranged from several hundred thousand to several million ($ 100.00> $ 10,000.00) if the amount of interaction like Fanpage east and quality. Additionally there is a foreign website allows you Ad shopsomething.com for sale posted Fanpage, on this website, you should build foreign Fanpage, and the price posted on foreign Fanpage also very expensive and you could energy harvesting more money

5. Hired on Facebook:

Currently some companies or individuals often recruit collaborators care and run ads rent Fanpage on Facebook. Because they focus on business only so understaffed to do these things, if you are a fully qualified to do this work, this is an opportunity for you.
Maybe they'll hire you to take care of Fanpage, posting daily editorial content, event, shooting and posting new products, ... you'll have to do anything related to marketing in Facebook Fanpage.
And if you have the skills to run Facebook ads well, there are many companies and individuals will rent you promotional advertising on account of business, design, ideas mentioned advertising, ad optimization to bring The best profits if revenue good results, very likely you will get further and your bonus will also be very high.
And if you're a designer, you have gifted designers, there are many individual businesses need people like you to design ads, design cover art Fanpage make internal quality supplement post, ...
CONCLUSION : These are 5 ways to make money with Facebook the most popular that you can apply immediately, make a plan to build a Fanpage and start rising like it, remember to increase the quality rather like never think to increase like virtual, you will not stand for 1 penny with clothes like that. If you know more about how to make money with Facebook ads or other Fanpage they are not mentioned in this article, comment below to his people and the same reference, then I will find out and update the article in the shortest time. Thank you for tracking posts
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