How to make money with facebook,twitter,google+... from fanslave

Fanslave the exchange sites like the oldest and most prestigious. Currently this site has nearly 900 thousand members. So your chance to make money becomes easier. With fanslave you can make money from facebook , twitter, Google+, Youtube, ...

Register fanslave

First you enter  fanslave  to register for an account.

make money fanslave
Continuing you enter all the information it needed to form. Then you click on " I ACCEPT. CREATE MY ACCOUNT ". After successful registration newspaper, go to Mail and click the link to check the materials enable the instructions to complete the registration

kiem tien facebook

After successful registration you login to your account and connect (connect) account with your Facebook account : Your account Login / Facebook Overview, then click on the facebook connect. (You need to be logged into your Facebook account)
Similarly for the  Connecting for Twitter : In Your Account / Twitter Overview
>>>  When you combine  Facebook Fanpage and Follows Like Twitter  , the money will go faster, usually less than the amount on the Twitter, but the numbers exist for his Twitter Follows is more than the number for your Fanpage Like.

Note:  T Ai Twitter and Facebook accounts must have at least 5 friends and to have Avatar beginner is done

Make creadits

Vào Your Account:

kiem tien facebook
  • Choose Facebook  Fanpage to reveal to her the Like
  • Select Twitter  to show up to his Twitter Follow
  • choose Youtube to watch videos on youtube
  • select Traffic to view ads

You should login account to your Facebook and Twitter before. Next, you simply click on the Fanpage, it will automatically appear a new window, you Like and Follow done, close the window and then go back press CREDIT UPDATE. (You may like all the fanpage and then update once was)
kiem tien online tren facebook
This step is extremely important, if you do not click Update Credit, you will not get the money to update.

Note : Like Fanpage When finished, turns Liked Like button, and Twitter after finishing Follow Following turns.

Increases like to fanpages:

You like to use credits to increase their fanpages by " add new fanpage , "then enter your address fanpage. VD: fanpage is " https://www.facebook.com/pages/G-Suggestions-100-Today/247006458830435?ref=aymt_homepage_panel ". You just fill in the box " https://www.facebook.com/pages/G-Suggestions-100-Today/247006458830435?ref=aymt_homepage_panel ", then click the " Save data "to save.
kiem tien  tren facebook

You choose " edit "to revise some parameters at your disposal.

kiem tien online tren facebook

Such as the fan would get / day, some fans up, age , country , language , ...

After you have finished editing you remember to " save "to save.

kiem tien online tren facebook

How about withdrawals?

Fanslave payment via PayPal, so you need a Paypal account. You can learn more about Paypal bank on google or see registration guidelines Paypal . Once you have enough money to pay the minimum, you go to " Your Account "-> select" Cashout "

This is my Proof:

Make more money like?

You can invite your friends to join to earn money or tell them how to increase their like for fanpages. When they sign up under your link and earn credits you will receive 1 ratio% commission from their small grapes. You on "Affiliate Program" => Select "Your Ref Link 'to get referral link
You can introduce your friends by guiding them and introduce post links to Facebook, Twitter, or forums, ...
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