Make Money with Paid2YouTube and some note

You often have a habit of watching video on YouTube , have you ever thought when watching the videos on youtube there who will pay you. Yes, with Paid2YouTube just watch the video and you'll earn money. It is a service that pays you when watching youtube videos and if you want you can advertise your video to thousands of viewers. After registering for an account (it's free), you can start making money immediately with Paid2YouTube. 

Some note that while making money with Paid2YouTube

You will earn money by:
  • View video: At page Surf Videos , simply click to view the available video, each video you will pay $ 0.005. You can see how much depends on your video, they are no limits on the number of videos watched.
  • Commentary: At page Comments , you comment to the video and comment are $ 0.10 each. Of course you have a comment matching video content and does not accept comments like "cool", "good video" ...
  • Subscribe: At page Subscribe You will be paid $ 0.15 for each log register you perform.
  • Review : Rating page each evaluation will be paid $ 0.01
  • Introduction of subscribers taking money with Paid2YouTube: You can introduce your friends to join and you earn money with Paid2Youtube will enjoy% from the members that you introduce when they earn money. Specifically, you will be paid $ 0.001 for each video when watching video referrals, $ 0.05 for every comment that is you introduce people to comment, $ 0.005 per assessment which introduced real current, and $ 0.05 for each registration that registration was introduced.
  • Rent a member: You can hire a member Paid2YouTube make money for you, which means that when you hire people or make the video click actions to make money, you will also enjoy a certain amount, you just sit and think about the amount that will be added to your account. Every member you can rent for $ 0.30 USD. You may also be rented by the package, while earning $ 3.29, you can rent a package of 5 members and a very gradual Paid2YouTube the lease package.
Note joining Paid2YouTube

  • In the comments section, you can just comment and register once per video.
  • You are only allowed to create an account, do not try to create two accounts, you will not be taking money anymore. If you violate policies Paid2YouTube then your account is suspended or erased, then you will not be able to withdraw the amount you earned before. The IP address of your machine will be banned. If you forgot your user information you can use the account recovery function via email.
  • Do not send spam to other people to ask them to participate in making money with Paid2YouTube.
  • An account and account Paid2YouTube Paid2Twitter linked at the time of registration, if no link accounts support links do immediately to avoid account termination.
  • Never use tool, the software automatically starts Auto click to watch video on youtube, if detected will be deleted accounts.
  • Only withdrawals when you accumulate at least $ 10.00. They only make payments through PayPal and will be paid within 30 working days.
  • Conditions for participation Paid2YouTube you must have a valid account Youtube, Twitter account and Paypal account valid for them to pay you.
You can introduce as many people as possible participate in making money. They have no limit on the number of referrals.
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