Make money online with the product launch ?

Make money online with Product Launch Make Money Online with Product Launch

As in article Product Launch basics that I mentioned last time, making money online with the product launch clearly showed numerous advantages and benefits of it but more specifically the cost (to me then cash only cost each domain only), turnaround time and create profitable capital quickly (2-3 weeks), the competition at a time can make many sites ...... Generally these advantages enjoyed right to newbie like her brother can experience the making money online it's like, to have so-called faith and strength to pursue.

Make Money Online with Product Launch - Where to Start?

Many of you have or ask ourselves, although they hear they feel very excited about making money online but do not know where to start, most people listen to new online monetization participate or just read all about PTC, but like I mentioned in the analysis of the ways to make money online should and should not join the PTC only make you waste time, effort, money, and do think about making money on the you should deviance.
Himself has since been thought to make money online are scams after 2 months of PTC and are scam. Until I met him Hung marketing courses and courses of Tran Province , employers dotcomtech then in his thoughts totally new changes. Their confidence in making money online, especially if you've really impressive is the first coin money from this job offers.

Currency of the first online money they earn is from Product launch, all thanks to his knowledge from Hung retransmission of course, plus the help of the community you  . With the aim to help you see and know how to start how to product launch. In this article, I will take concrete examples are the products that they are participating in the upcoming promotions. Update process and situation as well as your income to the update and track offline. Maybe I will not earn you any money, but perhaps you will do better themselves, through their failure to his more mature and believe you, too.

Make Money Online with Product launch - Select product, market, time like?

Product launch phase this time we do have with your combination Lam Nguyen, webmaster of dotcomtech.net , this is a blog with the idea as case study, a kind of teaching and learning through concrete examples to help the reader may grasp immediately the process and how to apply for a similar situation, a blog, or that you should care monitoring. Posts make money online with this product launc h is also a case study format it.
Products that I selected for this release is called: "Viral Video Curator Pro", this is a product for Viral Marketing, following the success of Viral Image Curator Pro, this product promises to be a craze for Internet Marketing world, especially those who are interested in Viral Marketing.

Select a product where?

Is this their choice in Muncheye . As shown below, the product launch next January 7, that is only 2, 3 days before the launch, a commission for each sale they advertise is 50%, the amount you get there Up to $ 70 for each sale from the font end to back end. The concept font end, back end and you can learn more on the network or join his course Hung to know and more about Product launch and Related concepts offline.
Make Money Online with Product Launch

Why did I choose this product?

Actually, this choice is somewhat a little sensible, reason is their 1st reading information about this product find it quite interesting and attractive, because viral marketing is becoming the trend of Internet Marketing now that social networking sites are gaining a lot of time over the internet user. Do you dare tell me you do not have Facebook, but someday not check yet?
Monday is that this product is ProductPay pay via network, one of his favorite network, every sale is commission paid immediately be paid straight to their paypal, no longer bother to wait for the check as a Some other network.
Make money online with the product launch - choose sp
His reason is only that, you may have other reasons to choose or not choose a certain product. Please just trust the choice of yourselves. Maybe you will not sell any sale, like himself this time when they do not sell anything to go ahead, the next time you will do better than the first time, I believe so.

When to start?

For Product launch, the best time to start with you is about 2-3 weeks before product launch, in the case of this product, I chose the preparation time is 2 weeks for the setup site, write articles , seo youtube video .... Talking is prepared 2 weeks but actually one day you spend 1 hour to reach it is enough.
Site advertise their products are: http://viralvideocuratorreview.com
Why choose domain have the review. Because 1 is because domain not review it was all gone, this domain is often because the manufacturer has chosen, by his No. 2 is also concentrated focus on the keyword "name sp + review" much, the reason is to find understand one certain product, users will tend to seek and consider the comments, reviews about the product before buying, there is a general sentiment of consumers.

First Job

The first job after her and you are setup genius buy domain site and first post. Why you must first post immediately post without waiting until tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow if you do not know what writing is very easy you will not write anything and the result is not gone bad burns.
One suggestion when writing. If no information on the product, you may write to the author, related products, release date .... Wait until there are clearer information then wrote a detailed review of the product. The contents of all its necessary review should include the following components
  • Overview of products such as product name, author, release date and price, the market ... ..
  • Why choose this product
  • Is this helpful for users
  • Why should buy it from your site
You can write more but under its then write much that is enough, if you only English Tam Tam, just write, rewrite, write I write back, write down, write down, misspelled also, gibberish well done, finished rùi by English children a good view to the next household repair to learn from experience.
In case you want to improve your English, I had the first article about the English language learning tips that his or capital used to train their English crap. A cheap English courses that I felt very good and would recommend to you that the course of Hello Chao, its price is only 100k for 1 year. If you want even cheaper, you can enroll via the following link discounts, you will receive a discount of 10% for 1 year just to learn English, only 90k only, 3 cups of coffee, but it is, cheap is not What: Sign with the tuition discount of 10%
And if you still feel too tired to write in English, but still want to make money online with their product launch, then there are ways for you. That is hiring a native speaker, and asked him to pay for his writing what you need, the price here is quite soft, range 3-5 $ for entries 300-500 + words, depending on the level of the writer.   A place where I also use the service or hire someone to write articles is at HireWriters , you can use the service here for your posts offline.
By the way I also shared about his first article, the first article is all about the product review, indeed, written English is not simple at all, alone took nearly one hour to finish writing this post there. If you want to consult about how bananas article it is my link it here: Viral Video Curator Pro Review By Danny Nguyen

Development status ranking on Google

This is the time to demonstrate the advantages of making money online with product launch. First of all, I would give the keyword that you focus on to take the top post to Google include: Viral Video Curator Pro, Viral Video Curator, Viral Video Curator Review / Bonus, Viral Video Curator Pro Review / Bonus. Total of all six main keyword you want to rank top in the product launch date.
After writing the first, sutmit site map, type ping Piec plus social bookmarking enough sacrifices, generally about 1 day later, the article has been indexed. Go to the 3rd day, the site appeared on page 1 Google with the keyword focus. Explaining the issue, according to his opinion, it is the power of optimization On Page.
Make Money Online - Optimization on page
I believe that only with on page optimization alone is enough for the top rank for the keyword you for the product launch. Moreover, the optimal category and tag utmost importance, namely its site after a few days was located higher top positions from 3 -> 6 for the home page, tag, category, post. The more pages located on the top of your traffic is increasing significantly, because you both click ubiquitous
Optimization category, tag, post

Video Optimization and SEO top 1

If you have not read the article about how to approach SEO top video within 7 days, you can learn it here . Product Launch During this time, its application remains a top SEO keyword video for the focus that I have mentioned. The result was very positive, only the first 2 hours after the video public, he has received more than 94luot views and is located on page 4 Google.
Top 4 youtube video
This proves Youtube Video indexed pretty quickly on Google, this is an advantage for us because in case you are lazy or afraid to post up site is Youtube is a great measure to help you is top of page 1 Google.
124 view and like

Make Money Online with Product Launch - final results today

Keyword rankings position:
Viral Video Curator / Curator Viral Video Review / Viral Video Curator Pro Review: Top 1
Viral Video Curator Pro: Top 2
Viral Video Curator Bonus / Viral Video Curator Pro Bonus: Top 1
Location Video Youtube:
All keyword except Bonus: Top 1
Keyword Bonus: Where is unknown because not focus on youtube seo this keyword
Some of his illustrations capture (you can verify on Google)
Top 1 keyword:
Top 1 review
Top 1 Video:
Top 1 video


The reason I wrote the report on the launch phase Product this time want to help you find that, as one site make money a few hundred dollars is not too difficult. The important issue is that you can do it or not, if you do not know how, ask, learn, things are one process, not one-dimensional, but the early 1.
To become one expert in any field, you need 50,000 hours of continuous work, you want sooner, act right, do not hesitate anymore. One minute, one second was enough to make you lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you have watched the money in the hands of other stars? Do you want to discover your true ability to be able to earn much money? Stand up and act now.
On his part profits earned from this product launch Product, intelligence will complete Report in the next article after product launch. Maybe I did not make any money, but I feel very happy with what I do, and I do believe you are better than us anymore. I still believe even you, perhaps you did not believe in your own?
Let her know the result of your making money online ahead. Thank you and see you 
source:Danny Nguyen kiemtientrenmang 
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