What is WordPress? Why use WordPress

If you've read this article, let me guess what ... Well, you're curious about WordPress and how to use it right? Mastering WordPress was not difficult, but before learning how to conquer it, it's good if we can learn about WordPress offline.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is an open source software (Open Source Software) is written in the programming language PHP website (Hypertext Preprocessor) and user management system MySQL database. WordPress was first launched on October 27/05/2003 by author Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little . Today WordPress is owned and developed by the company Automattic is headquartered in San Francisco, California under the United States of America.
WordPress is an open source language PHP to help create personal blogs, and it was a lot of users in favor of ease of use, many useful features. Over time, the number of users increases, the collaborators are also engaged programmers to develop numerous WordPress source code with additional great features. And until the time of this writing was in 2015, WordPress has been viewed as a content management system (CMS - Content Management System) to support outstanding user can create different kinds of Web sites such as blogs, news sites News / magazines, business introduction, sales - Ecommerce, even with the kind of high complexity websites such as hotel reservations, car rental, post project property ... yes ... yes ... Almost all forms of small-scale sites are small and can be deployed on the WordPress platform.
That does not mean that WordPress is only suitable for small projects, which currently owns around 25% of the sites in the list of 100 largest websites using WordPress source code. Eg magazine pages TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz, ... so many can not tell the full.

The achievements of WordPress

When learning about WordPress, you will really proud to know that the source that you are looking at right following a remarkable achievement and is a popular open source CMS on the planet. To verify this, you need to know is:
  • Worldwide, there are about 25 entries posted to the website using WordPress per second.
  • The number of websites using WordPress as 23% of the total number of sites around the world.
  • Of 100% of websites use the source CMS, WordPress accounts for 60%.
  • WordPress version 4.0 reached more than 16 million downloads in just two months.
  • WordPress has been translated into 52 different languages.
  • There are more than 80 programs on WordPress meeting was held in 2014.
  • Powered by WordPress currently has about 785 programmers and development cooperation.
  • Only interfaces (aka theme) free on the library has more than 2,700 WordPress.org different themes.
You see, WordPress is great is not it?

The reasons that you should choose WordPress

If you are still wondering about WordPress, I'm pointing out to you some great reasons to choose WordPress as platform build your own website.

easy to use

WordPress was developed to serve the common user object, without much knowledge of advanced website programming. The operations in WordPress is simple, intuitive administration interface can help you understand the management structure a WordPress website shortly. About how to install even easier, you can install a WordPress website on the host (server) itself and operate it themselves after a few clicks. Are you worried how how to install, host is what? No problem, the next part of the series WordPress learned his basics have said very detailed.

Supports numerous community

Is a popular open source CMS in the world, this also means that you will be using the WordPress community supported the difficulties you encountered during use. If you have good English skills, you can easily find answers to the problems you are encountering on Google just a few keyword searches.
  website dotcomtech.net manual WordPress best with hundreds of entries from basic instruction to advanced, you can submit questions to be answered on the page dedicated Question WordPress meeting of dotcomtech.net.

Many packages available interfaces

While using WordPress, conceptual interface for WordPress websites are often called up since this theme, I would call it a theme. Today WordPress has many different free theme so you can easily change the "skin" of your website with just a few clicks without worry of how to design your own custom themes. If you want beautiful and professional website, you can buy premium themes with prices ranging from $ 30 to $ 65.
But if you are a beginner to become familiar with WordPress, please forget to use premium theme for how to install it can not very easy for a beginner, but I will have tutorial lessons in the last part present.

Many plugin support

Plugin mean a plug into the website to complement the functionality you need. For example, by default after installing WordPress website, you do not have functional displays related posts at the bottom of each article, but with many free plugin support, you can easily install a free plugin for websites I have that function. Similar to the theme, there are many premium plugins bring unique features and useful to the website and it will cost between $ 10 to $ 80 depending on the complexity.

Ease of development for programmers

If you are a person with knowledge of employment as proficient website HTML, CSS, PHP, you can easily expand your WordPress website with numerous features extremely helpful. Developing very well simply because WordPress is an open source, so you can easily understand how its activities and develop additional features.
With thousands of functions (function) available on it, you can freely use, you can also change the structure of a function to filter hook and almost workflow of a professional programmer can Easy application on WordPress.

Support multiple languages

Powered by WordPress now has many language packs come, including Vietnamese. Although in each theme or plugin has its own language, but you can easily translate it with the self-supporting software.

Can make many kinds of website

Using WordPress does not mean that you can only make personal blog, which you can turn your website into a sales page, a website introducing the company, an online magazine using the theme and plugin combination together. But to do it, you should definitely understand WordPress and not hurry a step above the clouds to get the feeling of disappointment because of its complexity.

The misunderstanding of WordPress

Before learning WordPress, I would say a little something about WordPress to avoid misleading the people on this source.

WordPress is a software only

Yes, WordPress just an open source software written in PHP & MySQL to help you create a website more quickly. But that does not mean it will help you create a website with just any single operation.
Although the interface library available (Theme) and Plugin lot but to customize using WordPress website better, you need to have knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ... all the relevant technical to the website.

WordPress is only for people who do not know the code

Completely wrong, if you have heard someone tell you that WordPress is only for those who do not specialize in programming use, this completely incorrect.
Of course those who do not know programming to use WordPress using the features available, library rich interface and plugin support was enough to make the website. But if you know the code, the better for the core WordPress has very strong source for your application is not limited skills, if you believe that WordPress is only for people who do not know programming, then take a look through the Advanced WordPress.


In this article, sure you understand how WordPress is now and may start with it if you feel the excitement. Please see the article pointing through the next section, you will learn more about WordPress and go down into the setting.
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