13 Errors to Avoid Google Adsense Code Violations

Hello everyone, today's article in the series Guidelines Make Money With Google Adsense Network. I would note to you the mistakes to avoid violation of Google Adsense . These are very basic error is clearly defined in the policies of Google Adsense sites, but a lot of you have come across this error and naturally do not understand why Google Adsense account at lock.
Once these errors to avoid violation of the Google AdSense launched drug, it is like that, do not try even once   : Devil:.
You have to really be aware of the following issues before you make money online with Google Adsense.

Mistake No. 1: Invalid Click - The invalid clicks.

In general, I also analyze the factors that Google may discover you create invalid clicks if you cheat it.
And this first error percentage in most cases Google Adsense account is locked. Therefore you must do exactly as its policy:
  • You may not click your own ads. TEST TEST EVEN IF YOU HAVE RUN NO ADVERTISING.
  • Using the software, the program is written to automatically click advertising. That you use to make this one dies.
  • Self-click on your ad NOT EVEN IN YOUR COMPUTER.

Mistake # 2: Encourage others to click your ads for you.

In general you may not use any form (implying, paying, promising to donate money, for advertising thanks, ...) to call on others to click on your ad.
Especially in that banner ad you place adsense code should not put titles like: Click advertising, support website by clicking, In this link to view hotgirl, discounted 90% Iphone 6 ... especially misleading information. Usually Google Adsense allows you to be: Sponsors, Advertising, ...

Mistake # 3: You put your adsense code on these web content policy violations

Google Adsense prohibits placing their ads on websites in the category of content prohibited such as adult, gambling, advocate against individuals, organizations .... You see here: Prohibited content Google Adsense.

Mistake No. 4: You put adsense code on the website violates the DMCA, copyright policy

If you place the adsense code on your website that you own that website just posted the content reproduced, and the content does not have permission to republish, you will be added to the black list of Google Adsense it. Especially sharing website publications books copyrighted digital content.

Mistake # 5: Do not change the Adsense Code to increase ad performance

You can only edit what allows Google Adsense here . Absolutely not edit increase ad performance, ie an increase of invalid clicks and reduce the conversion rate of users advertising.

Mistake # 6: Put more than 3 banner ads, banner links or 2 1 Google search box on one page

Although when you set to automatic, the 4th banner banner that will not show up anymore. But you also understand that not to do so. Also do not use any software that interfere with the banner ads placed on 3 on 1 page.

Mistake # 7: Display advertising competitors to place ads in your site's Google

Google will not allow you to put adsense code on the same site with "rival" Google's competition there. Rival here you will understand that the advertising based on the content of these other companies such as Yahoo Publisher Network. However, you can use a PHP code, or wordpress plugin, joomla extension to rotate the display are two types of ad code.
As long as the ad code of ad providers do not appear together on one page.

Mistake # 8: Plenty - Disclosing information CPM, CTR

This is one of the provisions of Google to prevent the site launched a "simultaneous identical". : Ssshh:. For example, when you make the website for the iPhone 6, the CTR or CPM-related keywords Iphone 6 is very high, then you reveal someone else then everyone will simultaneously work on Iphone 6 website before.
Especially revealing information by writing, especially writing on the internet.

Mistake # 9: Setup Mode Open in new tab

Usually you'll see if someone clicks on Google ads in the current tab, then your website will go directly to the content pages of Google Adsense. Google is the default so, so I think the better so be it, because even though there are no rules really clear on this issue, but there are also many natural situations locked snap adsense account, for no reason at all. : Sad:

Mistake # 10: Create multiple Adsense account for many different sites

You're own website, a website system. You think to create multiple accounts to the accounts which were then locked the other account, and distributed them to the various sites. You think Google will be bypassed? Many people use this method. But I do not dare to try. : Worry:
Because Google allows you to use one account for multiple websites Google Adsense different, and its policy is that each person only owns an adsense account is also a reason for it.

Mistake # 11: Place the Google banner on website pages under construction or not content

Google adsense it will track your behavior banner VERY often. So when you put the banner on a website without content complete, it is very prone to put on the list unless it points. It is best if you want to put adsense code on the registration website on your website for Google to be censored.
It is also common errors you put banners on the site has no content, ie what thank page, redirect page, pages 404 not found ...

Mistake # 12: Abuse of keywords on a page

You should write all natural way, rather than abuse of keywords. An article with good content and by doing SEO , and not abuse keywords will help you overcome this problem.

Mistake # 13: Website design style deliberately increase the performance of Adsense

The site displays Google ads should be easy for users to navigate. The site may not change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders interfere site navigation.
You also need to ensure quality guidelines for administrators: More here .


Above are 13 mistakes to avoid violation of Google Adsense . You have to really pay any attention to the note to avoid unfairly locked adsense account. Google Adsense allows new Vietnamese Blogger no longer make money with them, and the less the point of breaking the law, then you are in the eyes of Google will be much higher. Opportunities will open up a lot if we have a complete website system, adhere to the policy, which will no pocket money evenly. : Cool:
I wish you success and have a nice day!

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