FAQs related to monetize Youtube

There is a problem, that is what monetizing YouTube is the theme song Hot stone on social networks as well as on the technology blog, there are billions and billions of related articles, well not right, around 7 thousand entries related to this topic is the Google Index, may be more, but that's temporary!
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I also read through the article, it is important we continue to see any doctor groping females is insane or not to your particular application, but boil down then the blogger chewing each other's information, the guy said wind miscellaneous guillotine was then intentionally graffitti guy, guy, the other guy goes copying of theft, each guy an idea, but something is not right ...
And let YouTube user community as well as skim money from it, and I will share all the problems in this article, with the ultimate hope:

take US dollars in the country, as much as possible, do not report mutual

>>seri posts make money on youtube

And here are a few questions you:

How many videos I posted on an account of the day?

Youtube fact TOS prohibits not how much video you sign up, as long as no violation of the book of it, there are many videos you say is 10, the fact I had the free time to the signing of the 30 videos, but rolls see how, perhaps you are trying to scare the community so that they do not dare to do it fast!

IP on a my house, I was logged on how many accounts?

I tested and found that there is not limit to the Google Account / IP at all, even on the same browser on the same machine are then, of course, is that you do not have an account yet what violations which could otherwise be contaminated batch because Google suspects you SPAM, many people say die a dead channel is logged both on the same channel flood a browser does, of course, is a violation of its new course, means guy can always log shed and see stars, and it also found violations, principles: violation moderate, or dodge violations as well, but the more you headlong into the spleen name copyrights held it only banned the channel!

Every account I can create as many channels?

Each account, you can create an infinite number of channels, limited press not feel it, but you're not desperate to the point that? I recommend creating a maximum of 10 channels, safe enough to eat, but also easy to say when Google it touches your channel, you have more channels, then your SPAM expression is clearest, banning controversy, no wonder people What usually create up to 10 channels excluding companies, then it has a different account I got you!

Why did I open the blocked channel so easy?

Many of you told me black, much like you protect your IP to do that, then just create active channels for some time blocked the channel that rolls need to explain, on the fact that Youtube has automatic scanning, the channel you do not complete the information, your channel has no avatar, then it is equivalent to spray the house mother nature!
Inherent habit of you, he is creating white channels then thundered thundered videos, it banned is right, anyone stupid like what you're thinking, right? Complete the type of superhuman work for Google that!
In addition, you are too hasty in posting a video, you should pay attention to a representative image, description and keywords for more videos, in addition to dozens of other settings, should not rush to take the number then locked the channel!

I locked channel, account right?

This depends on the degree of violation, usually I will turn the main channel into sub-channels to secure your account, and not doing so at all!
But the main channel and the key is violated, then the auxiliary channel will inconvenience in the log, the log is still offline but its long-held ID declare him!

Why are my channel or Report?

There are two cases: one is automatic scan and banned Youtube, you also scolded the mouth: at any othe guy bubbling pot!
Case 2: You have a real report, by the owner or user video itchy eyes, and see your Youtube actual violations, it locks you down!

Why are my channel maximum output less money despite high views?

In your topic, and in the market, there are months now busy doing inventory forgotten, so do not generate cash channel!
As for themes, custom then, often the topic of technology is much they advertise, because Internet users do not know at all what kind of technology, both east and east also now exploit the technological objects!

I should turn make money immediately upon posting videos?

Should not decent saints, holy calm themselves forward to it a few dozen or more views then turn make money , one is to avoid the phenomenon is on making money, it discovered pirated images, audio, two is now also rolls out a lot of money, only just see how it turned back!hepado.com

My monetization button yellow

It is soi see what your video is not, then it just turned up, if green is okey, if the brick is thrown, if yellow, wait, there are videos you'll wait for your child when it cries oh specific tools dead , it is still yellow, but remain calm and you delete the video and posted it to go back, or reset!

My Video Display blocked

You can get an email notification about your video could not openly turn, make money, and blocked worldwide, calm, account remains secure, and video that you should remove them, because you have a serious piracy, to many unprofitable! hepado.com

I do not turn on Content ID

Content ID is the weapon of Youtube, but wait, your channel has not been long, your account is not yet linked to Adsense, or your Adsense Verified yet can not turn it on, it is!

My videos are not on making money, it shows "are not eligible to earn money" in button making money

This is because you violated one of its principles, but not serious, so it just did not turn make money only, you will still feel you do not violate what? Do not say anything, I know that, probably due to Youtube mistakes, ignore it, but the video goes shelves ๐Ÿ˜€next week it will be possible for you to turn up, or wait for the other views it!
The copying videos or reupload stick or bug them! More videos can not turn make money !

I love Karaoke, I sing a song by popular singer right?

Was decent, it was Cover, depending on the song and conditions of the copyright owner of the work that you can eat revenue share, while in Vietnam this exemption not only penny that rolling:
Sing Cover rolls back any money
I have tried using the beat of a popular song => Spray, I tried by reducing sound quality => Spray as usual, but instead of singing it's me! ๐Ÿ™

I may be copyrighted audio spleen by the software?

Do not you then, you can only be a few spleen but then if one of them was the report or by Youtube algorithm changes and your appearances, then how much effort you build according to the channel will go into the sea dead fish jog off, do not try spleen, use free library out!

I can not image copyright spleen?

Similar to audio, images spleen is even more difficult when the spleen sound, and you should not do, prone to die lighten channel!
And there are dozens of other questions, you ask questions, and his answers to!

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