How to make money on youtube:Channel to correct the mass death

Has accepted to play Youtube and Youtube to make money on that you do not produce content, just reupload alone is dead channel is the normal phenomenon, one is due to report on each other, because you do not both true, the video must stick should be dead right channel series, here are a few tips Jam collectibles and share practical experiences for you to play Youtube!
Bulk channel death is frequent phenomenon of people playing Youtube

Main reason

Youtube SPAM you, or you're doing it exactly the same as we SPAM, the Youtube it causes you to filter out of the game include:
  1. You can not Avatar
  2. You do not work on G + and Gmail , which many of you suffer nè
  3. You log in to multiple accounts on one computer
  4. You're Batch Upload videos to Youtube on an account
And the main reason:
  1. Too many video spleen copyright
What channels do not die alone, but too much you stick antiseptic Google , then, who are programmed to understand immediately what is its mechanism which infer how that li!
In the video copyright, the fact that you are trying spleen for using copyrighted videos to make money , this is extremely poor, and because Americans hate piracy it too!
I still upload videos copyright to rumble, but the shelf for the owner to make money through it, because I did not own it? The spleen is still possible, but sooner or afternoon just stick seal, so that it reports them to play together!
Many of you also say die every channel created that channel, that is because you still make it on the Gmail accounts, either due to the computer 's stored cookies you should know that it is still your 😀solutions please see below !

How to overcome the mass channel dead

Strictly observe the following principles:
  1. You should delete the cache in the browser before registering a new account or create a channel, press Ctr + Shift Del browser Firefox or similar to Chrome!
  2. Register an account with full name and avatar, you should register on G + is complete, and fill out all the information, do the truth was rather lị
  3. Gmail miscellaneous transactions at all for it 😀
  4. On Youtube channel created
  5. What information filled not lack the Youtube channel!
  6. Upload videos restrictions should not download more video onto a single IP address, also should not share account on a computer !
  7. Video Thumbnail images should be complete, clear description and do not mislead users as well as misleading unnecessary
  8. Do not upload multiple videos fights, serious account is locked it!
  9. And remember, do not try spleen copyright, was found to channel die instantly!
Good luck !

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