Jack Ma has dominated the Chinese Internet industry?

Jack Ma - Alibaba

Since the time of John Rockefeller, yet there's an entrepreneur would be viewed as having the ability to change a nation as Jack Ma.

Alibaba, founded in 1999 in a shabby apartment in Hangzhou, is currently one of the largest Internet companies in the world. In addition to the dominant position of complete e-commerce industry in China, Alibaba also into financing network, cloud computing, and logistics. The company had the biggest IPO wave in New York in 2014 and to block the assets of 23 billion dollars, Jack Ma one of China's richest people.

How is it that a poor boy can do this miracle? Like Rockefeller, Ma in understanding the range of technology and very good at recognizing the opportunities in the market. The Internet emerged right at the time China was preparing to join the WTO in 2001. The story began in the mid-1990s, when he had the chance to Seattle as an interpreter, was also the first time at his access to the Internet. Homesick and crave Chinese beer, he searches for the keyword "beer" on the network, but can't find a result about beer in China. His country as are living in the dark, and that's when inspiration began to flourish in.

Ma said that liberalisation will increase income and foreign tourism demand, and then hundreds of millions of Chinese who would desire to have access to goods and services imported. Contrast with Sears or Walmart in the USA, the general store in China extremely tedious and deprivation. That means that electronic commerce will soon "eat should make" here.

And he was right. Consumers on China's network is one of the "violent force" for more than us $ 14 billion, the purchase of goods on Alibaba in just a single day last year. This figure far exceeds the amount of goods consumed on Cyber Monday promotion in crisis on the occasion of Christmas. Does each year of about 464 billion

The spirit of entrepreneurs in China are also up high than ever. Although the momentum of growth of State enterprises remains very sluggish, private block is the place to create most of the jobs in the city in more than two decades, at the same time constitute the economic output 3tổng section 2. Each year in China back to add millions of new entrepreneurs. They all idolized Ghost.

What helped Ma outperform the large American man like Yahoo (currently the major investor of Alibaba) and eBay? The answer lies in the spiritual battle: Both the company like a Knight under the command of Ma. Employee alias in the novel Warrior of Jin Yong, regularly practice the martial arts postures and the young couples in the company will organize collective wedding under the witness of Ma.

The thought of Ma is capitalism. Not as the founder of the company on other big Chinese Internet, he divided the stock to employees right from the first day, and always create conditions for them to sell out when the company expands. As such, shares of Ma is much smaller than the other Tycoon. Ma build partner relationships before the IPO and the shares control with dozens of other colleagues.

Ma did not agree with Milton Friedman that "the job of business is the only business", i.e. the company exists only to make money also charitable activities should only be the work of individuals. Ma has established a charity fund and using Alibaba as tools to create positive change for society, such as helping people be able to see a doctor, water test equipment for sale cheap ... Jack Ma's ambitions is to continue putting Alibaba development within at least 102 years.
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