Make money with google adsense using Youtube ,Blog and how l was money home

Hello, just monthly, I eagerly wait for the Google Adsense email notifications have moved money through Western Union, hereinafter referred to as WU for it fast ๐Ÿ˜€
There are many forms to receive ads from Google Adsense as through the Bank, send Check and Wu, of which WU is one of the most convenient forms, firstly is it fast, the second is that it is convenient, you just pick and a couple of little note is can withdraw money from any bank.
Now log in to Google Adsense, we will see a little notice as follows: nearest payment notice

Then, you click on the most recent payment, will the nearest payment interface after you click on the link, you will be Google switch to get a receipt, there will be the vital information, you saved as follows:

Amount paid: $ XXXXXX USD
Money transfer (MTCN) code: XXXXXXXXX
Your payment has been processed by: Google Asia XXXXX, XXXX

You bring ID attached to the above information, out of any bank would have the Western Union logo hanging yellow was, taking dollars on!

* Note to you: If you have not installed the configuration to get paid is WU can on Adsense > payments > payment settings > More full information on, if not as payment will be lost, the custody and returned to your account!

= > If you would like to receive the larger amount, go to the configure threshold icon in the payment settings, convert it into his favorite number, e.g. $ 500 such default, $ 100 is it posted about you, don't ever "area of copy" type, after the draw for many, because WU will send reverse Google you complain of losing all week and maybe that's always small month! Regretting also that the late ๐Ÿ˜€

Google adsense is one of the main revenue sources of the many bloggers are active on the network, and the community who make money on youtube, not everyone is as successful as anyone, with each a certain traffic, each blog has completely different income, this depends on the theme you choose for your blog following her, please share a few related information and hope you have more information for reference!

The theme of the blog are as follows will greater income from Adsense, advertisers are willing to pay $ 0.1 per click, average you can earn, but may be higher:

Domains-The Internet, tips and tricks about Yahoo, Go Daddy ... The highest paying on each click
Gadgets-information technology in General
Google-Google Products
Microsoft-MS office
Real Estate
Home Loans
Dating & Romance-The dating page is always charged extremely low CPCS

But according to my experience, the Vietnamese language not sure with the theme on can earn more money, but I think anyway, well more than the other topics ...

These themes also change depending on the season, for example, the top of the calendar year or the movement, or the country or do both your website have to meet strict criteria to be able to earn $ 10 per click or not is also customised ๐Ÿ˜€

I wish you success with programs to make money online!
I wish you success!
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