Should Google Adsense fraud by increasing the invalid click?

Google Adsense fraud? SURE IS NOT RECOMMENDED.
Because when Google Adsense introduced themselves to the advertising used, ie Google Adsense customers, they committed one thing that they have an effective system to detect click fraud, ensuring optimal their clients about the cost. And Google is a large corporation with a lot of the world's best brains, so you can not fight Google it.
In this article, I will talk about some of the factors that Google can be used to detect fraud Google Adsense, and you need to keep in mind to not give into the fraud area. Of course, Google never disclosed how? What method is used? What technology or tools to detect click fraud. The only official information that Google revealed how how to detect click fraud is the information they presented at:  http://www.google.com/intl/vi_ALL/ads/adtrafficquality/ invalid-click-protection.html
However, there is a study that we should note.

First: The IP address

IP address to log into your Adsense account should not overlap with the IP address of the person clicking the ad. Even the IP addresses of users of other Google services, too. Actually this is a very complex process, hardly anyone can explain, but you just note one thing that should not be logged in the Adsense account too many places. Since then log the IP address of your Adsense will coincide with the high risk of the IP ad click. And Google may require you to click on the ad itself.
[Su_note note_color = "# e4e4a8" radius = "1"] Should not Google Adsense account to log in too many places. [/ Su_note]

Second: Page CTR - click on the page Ratio

If you have 100 views, and you have one-click turn, the rate is 1%. If you only have 10 views which have to click 3 times (33.3% rate) is a high probability you will be listed as a suspect. So, always make sure your click-through rate is only in the range of 0-10%. In case you notice something unusual, for example, today the ratio has reached 30-40% click then you should send email alerts with Google about the matter, avoiding her decent but was blacklisted . No exception is someone intentionally hurt you, because of the new website is very vulnerable, due to low turn view.
[Su_note note_color = "# e4e4a8" radius = "1"] softly, retention rates from 0-10% click only. If abnormal findings should inform the Google Adsense [/ su_note]

Third: The physical address click

With the most modern technology in the world, Google can easily see what you're accessing the internet from any address? for example it can know exactly what district you are in, any province, ... So you should not have thought that give the pub a few thousand to the net that click on your ads offline.
[Su_note note_color = "# e4e4a8" radius = "1"] The appearance of the internet cafe in the same geographical location areas, districts to click on your ads may also list your Google makes on a suspect . [/ su_note]

Fourth: the user's habits

Specifically here is to click the ad routine. Google will track the habits of computer users, at an IP address, on the same browser. They will consider the following factors:
- Why users only click ads on your website but do not click ads to other websites?
- Why do users click the ad routine when the ad appears on the game genre, but when on your site they click ads on ink? ...

Thursday: Browser Cookies

Even when you reset the modem and have a new IP, then you also will not be overtaken by Google when using the browser you accidentally did not notice that any browser will save the cookies, and the public Google's technology, the investigation through the cookies I thought this would be easy.

Friday: Time users spend on your site

You will definitely fall into the fraud if the site only load-five-five finish, drag to position the ad and click, then turn the page, drag to position the ad and clicks.
Because users typically access the website, they will focus on content first, then suddenly realized with advertising, if indeed attract, they click on that ad.

Saturday: The service comes Google

Google search, Gmail, Drive, Google maps, Google talk, Google ... will give to know the habits of users, so they can click ads Google will know that there is a real need or not.

Eighth: Your page rank or not?

Will you dare to assert that you completely clean when you do not have keywords in the top of Google, no celebrity, but with regular traffic, the steady click?

Ninth: The content and placing Google Adsense on your website

Absolutely avoid suggest users click on your ad in the display ad near. Insert Google Adsense or design fixed format, drag down the page while still not lost. Doing so, as if you deliberately make readers pay attention to that click on the same ad.

Tenth: The conversion rate of ads

This is because the lessee advertising done, then they will report to Google what percentage of the advertising effectiveness of Google. If the conversion rate is low, then click on that ad will lose points in the eyes of Google, and you risk being listed as the invalid click.
Advertisers can also actively report your site whenever fraud they want. If they get more visits from you and they do not sell.

And more

I know when analyzing these factors, only the nature of wind is mainly guillotine: _), but hopefully will be useful for you to fight adsense. Google is a big group, so of course they will have the technology and super Vietnamese brain to figure out click fraud. Therefore to make money with Google Adsense sustainability are better off should you protect yourself, and in absolute compliance with the provisions of Adsense.
If you have any additional questions or comments about, then kept his comments to know. Sincere thank you.
I wish you success and have a fun day

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