SEO keywords into the top 10 Google, not so hard!

SEO keywords into the top 10 Google, not so hard! 

If you're top 10 Google SEO for keywords chosen quickly, test the following methods of Jam, ensuring you will find the keyword in the quick one unexpected ways. 

this article focuses on how small to help keywords Google top 10 most quickly, which means you have to make sure your site SEO standards to be ready, and you can refer to the information structure or standard content SEO keyword research articles that I have written before that! 

the top 10 Google a quick 
way into the top 10 Google quickly 
to do seo standard Layout: Layout of website is quite important for the user experience on your site and help Google better index your page, you do not think Google does not understand the layout then, it's very smart that! 

Next, you need to at advantages of doing seo title, you should note that long to choose the title good SEO work, nor should believe Yoast SEO plugin absolute because it will tell you the title of breath, no matter what you '. 

If your site has many pictures, or your article, please refer to optimizing images for SEO, Google rated photos will help your article higher, thanks to Rich Content criteria, information you will quickly into the top 10 over. 

Finally, you also have to make sure to read through 10 do seo tips to ensure that your site meets all the requirements as seo, and we will start now! 

step 1: Select your keywords 

Choose keywords that are not too difficult, the experience of keyword Jam is difficult to it to the category, and keywords to the article easier, as you know, new article adds value and the user experience rather than category, so that more seo text section is always easier. 

Keywords found then we will seek to put the title so long, do not need to absolutely identical from what courses do. 

after you choose the keywords, search for keywords get around 20 less important, then Jam will explain later. 

Step 2: Deploy content SEO standards 

as mentioned above, content needs to be achieved Rich content elements, with photos and video as well, which is that it is not only the standard copy, you copy is difficult to alleviate. 

you creative content so true to the theme of titles mentioned, and closely related to the keywords, you just write as a writer and not as citizens seo writing, read much chills, especially terms like keyword stuffing reads weird stuffed snails! 

Content you should paying attention to the length, as long as possible, and at least 500 words to SEO must also make it easier. 

Step 3: Be social 

immediately after finishing post, please submit it to Google to make sure that Google Index immediately ie, then you can share on Facebook and especially Google plus to find the opportunity to top when the user logged on, in addition to social factors will help somewhat to top posts more quickly. 
Kết quả hình ảnh cho SEO keywords into the top 10 Google, not so hard!
Step 4 : post related Posts 

Internal link important role in doing seo, so sure, so as soon as you sign the main article, sign right around 20 articles related satellite and point to your main article Google may make up the top 10. 

Thus, the keyword list has sections on my side says is for this sub-section to write articles, write better posts additives will help turn the article you are looking to become hot seo content , the top more easily. 

Step 5: Implement backlink 

Absolutely not need much, but need quality, you just wander around writing quality articles, without long, and then point to the need to article , an estimated two dozen, three dozen keywords can post up! 


information the top 10 Google SEO guidelines, approximately 2 weeks is the keyword in the top 10 or maybe even higher, keywords harder one little it can take up to 1 month, but to be very reliable and high up immediately, because we do everything natural and fit the Google algorithm. 

there are more impatient you used a tool to interfere in the on top, such as automatic post or comment automatically, this is absolutely not done. 

I wish you success!

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