Importance of RSS Feeds for seoer


What are RSS Feeds? Importance of RSS Feeds

Rss Feeds are used to inform new article content for the reader, who signed up to receive messages from websites that people can ban.Tu update new article services increases the amount of traffic to the site I will introduce web RSS Feeds what is the role and importance of it on the internet is like.

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds Real Simple Syndication stands, temporary translates to share website content sharing application gian.Day is the most popular news on another internet network which allows users, customers subscribe to a web page as soon as new content it will automatically send notifications through an RSS reader.
Registered users will receive information including website content summaries and links to full versions of the content of this website is provided do.Thong as an XML file format called RSS Feeds.

Importance of RSS Feeds

A website wants quick to Top 10 Google for related keywords, it requires content, text, web pages are updated every day fresh moi.Neu new posts, the search engine Google will evaluate possible sites yours.If a web site is not updated regularly, every day, the keyword will quickly relegated in the heart kiem.Boi results for rival sites are updated news increases the internal link keyword is synonymous rivals will overtake you.
So put a keyword campaign to the Top website requires you to update new content associated tuc.Nhung sure no one has enough time to write articles every day, or investment cost should hire collaborators vien.Cho RSS Feeds is the optimal choice first.

The benefits of RSS Feeds

  • News, the content is always fresh update.
  • If you take the news website RSS Feeds from other websites, the contents of your website article becomes rich diversity and increase traffic.
  • If you create RSS Feeds then there will be others to the feed from your website will have links for free from the taker.
  • Rapidly increasing the number of keywords on your website.
  • Accelerate time Google index (indexed)

Summary RSS Feeds

I explained RSS Feeds What is its role and how, from which the management SEOer or website can optimize your site becomes rich diversity is important and increases the keyword in the Google search results offline.
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