Seo Website: What is SEO ?

what is SEO?

  • As defined by Google: SEO - Search Engine Optimization, ie search engine optimization.
  • Defined according to the needs of users (individuals, businesses ...) : SEO - is a marketing channel number on the search engines.
So, to understand exactly been doing SEO for Website is doing and how to do it, let's take a little attention to Google's mission .
"Order information and guarantees the best value search for users" 
So to yourself, standing under a learner's perspective SEO and SEO, you can guarantee will satisfy the needs for your users?
"You - who do SEO, the user must know the user to Google, as well as your own customers" 
If you ever thought that SEO is just the website is at # 1 in the search results and links to the pump series is the crisis of backlinks successful SEO perspective, you can forget it away. Because Google is very smart and rigorous in its approval and rejection. You can easily give your site indexed with Google quickly but if you breach, your site does not provide added value to consumers, the rapid clearance Google is inevitable.
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So in order to do proper SEO , you will need to do better the following steps:

1. Research the product :

First you need to understand the product / service you are doing SEO in the field what, what is the market?
For example: You do SEO for websites offering expensive products such as handbags, exotic fragrance. Products for women and current commodity import only goods distribution in the city ..
Product / service meets the needs what?
Example: To meet the needs of beauty, as gifts of the elite, ...
Look at product level, you will understand our users, answer questions they are?

2. Research User 

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From the above example can be seen as the product is expensive, so it can only fit upstream women.
And this group is often no longer very young, and international income was 26 years old.
They also demand for fashionable items, services / products to buy expensive cars for spa, salon, buy a house ...
From the study of your users, based on the characteristics of the product that you have analyzed before, you will visualize the channels (forums, ...) you can communicate, who will interested and published articles, build for the article How to effectively.

3. Keyword Research (Keyword Research)

Before today when it comes to SEO, or do any of Online Marketing field you are listening to wear ear 2 word " Keywords ", also known as Keyword . Why he did not even mention this issue which again begins with study and research products and new users to research keywords ?
It is understood that, a quality keywords are keywords represent actual search needs of users .
When you understand the services, their products and their users care about the product, the service, you will easily choose the right Keyword. And we will only select the Keywords term (also called Long Tail Keyword) according to specific criteria How clearly I will write in the next article on keyword research to target the right audience.
Along with the strong support of the keyword research tools such as Google Trends , Google Suggestion, Keyword Planner ...) you will know how to choose the appropriate Keyword (Competitive less, high traffic -> high turnover ). You can use the measurement as: The competition, search volume, Priority screening campaigns ... Keyword good to do.

4. Optimize content Onpage:

There is a problem like this, when your website in top because you good SEO, but do not have to take one sale, customer conversion rates extremely low and you do not realize what he had done wrong in the moment , the review of Site Onpage is extremely necessary.
This does not mean Optimization Onpage not affect ranking in Google, not the effect that it was decided pretty much to your website with Google's search criteria or not. Here is an extremely important factor in the Optimization Onpage they will give you more detailed instructions in the next article.

5. Develop processes effectively SEO Offpage 

This is the location affect your site ranking the most powerful if you do SEO properly, SEO quality but if not, it will kill you the quickest site due to violation of spam links, bad links and Google banned go straight west.
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This will be a step you select the channel as Blog, Forum, Social Networking, Group..vv ... (there are many) to post, post quality content out there for the main purpose is to lead them on their website, for google search to your website, ... but still ensure that no violation of the rules of Google and that channel.
The selection of these channels depends on the steps Learn Products and Learn Users in the head.

OK! I had to go through the process of basic SEO best that myself though entered the field of SEO is not long, but over time Google updated the algorithm, a new notification and through sharing, observation of the way He / She SEO pro that I know, I learned to put a good SEO we need to do well those steps.
At each step will have separate Tips & Tricks, in the next article I will go into more detail, more specifically to those you do not know what can understand and practice.
Now that we have understood what SEO is , then, okay?
SEO is an art, not just Google please ensure appreciate your website that your customers will find what they need there 
How you feeling: 
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